The Check's In The Mail

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It's about the standard cliches one hears in show business. Al was just starting out at the time, so I'm sure he had heard all the "lines"

There's not an ounce of sincerity in any of it.
This means something. This is important.

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When you're talking to someone who you owe money to and you've really haven't thought about paying them back you can say "The check's in the mail" meaning the check's already being mailed to them. Usually this isn't true.
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Post by yo »


Going back and listening to it again I get it now. I feel like an idiot. Made for a nice laugh though, and now I appreciate the song even more.

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There is a song called "Cliches" by Jimmy Buffett that has a lot of interesting double entandras (meanings) and funny lines in it..but it's kinda for older listeners...most of Brother Jimmy's lyrics are a little bawdy....or can be...

anywho...yes, there is a song called "Cliches," and its kindof like WAY's but not totally...


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It does kind of relate to DED, in that it relates to the workplace and was inspired by Al's early experiences (DED was inspired by Al's first job)

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I have just found out that the rare demo version of The Check's In The Mail will be included on the new Dr. Demento Basment Tapes CD! I can't wait to hear this version of the song! :D
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Why don't you leave a message with my girl,
Or have lunch with your machine.

This has to be my favorite line from this song!

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:lol: yeah, thats probably my favorite line too...

I like this song because its not as... funny per say as his other songs... more like clever than funny...

Wow. that made a lot of sense *is confused*
Oh snap!

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:Y Nope it made perfect sense! I totally agree!

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This is a great song.

Thing is, as much as I love SOL, I feel Al's debut album was his best. I don't skip any song on it. At all. That's just my opinion.
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