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The live performance on the UVC DVD is different, but I don't know if that counts because it's a video.
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Well @ Well, Well,Nov 29 2006, 01:48 PM wrote: The live performance on the UVC DVD is different, but I don't know if that counts because it's a video.
That's true, as it was a television performance. I assumed though that Keir was just asking about what has appeared on audio releases.
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Happy 27th anniversary Al and Jon!! :D :clap:

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I like Another One Rides the Bus better than Al's first big hit, My Balogna.

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Wow. Congratulations gentlemen. :clap:
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Congrats, Al & Jon!! :party:

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Congrats to Al, Jon, and the Dr. Demento gang that was present 27 years ago today when AORTB was performed live on the Dr. Demento show! Happy Anniversary!
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So awesome!

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Congrats, Al and Jon.
And Peggy

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Happy 27th to Al and Jon! :)

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Well done, guys!
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