The First Album

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There were some great songs on it, but it also contained some of Al's worst work.

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Is there an "In 3-D" topic anywhere?

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No. None of the forum is in 3-D. Since pictures are somewhat limited on the forum, I wouldn't see the use for making the boards 3-D. In fact, I think it would be pretty jarring to have to read words that are jumping out from the screen.

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Not to mention all the fuss of getting those goofy glasses distributed to all the forum members. 8)
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27-77 @ May 17 2008, 04:14 PM wrote: There were some great songs on it, but it also contained some of Al's worst work.
Partly why I like it, honestly.

I'm into stuff like that. Can't figure it out.
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GuyWhoIsAnonymous @ May 17 2008, 02:36 PM wrote: Is there an "In 3-D" topic anywhere?
Here it is.

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calvinthedestroyer @ May 16 2008, 01:47 PM wrote: yeah, I've looked for it before, but I didn't find much but a bunch of dead links and the lyrics. I'd rather buy a copy of it on LP instead of an mp3 that some cheesy 12 yr old recorded.

I'm hoping for a nice box set to come out of some of his old songs. That would be nice.
oh thanks. im 12!! haha jk. i know what you mean. :P
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I'm hoping I will get this album for Christmas. I found it at a book store for $10.
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Oh, yes, it's pretty funny... I would listen to it again.

... Sorry :P

I like this ALbum! Certainly not up to par quality wise with his later work (I mean, he was a collage student with a tape recorder, now he's a professional with a recording studio ... plus thirty some-odd years of practice pays off :P) But I like the somewhat... off-base humor, and the accordion on every track... Plus if it weren't for album one, we wouldn't have album two... or three or four or... you get the idea :P
Oh snap!

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