Gotta Boogie!

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Teh Dingo
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Post by Teh Dingo »

It turns out Reel Big Fish has more Al knowledge than just two members being on Your Horoscope for Today....

I'm watching the Reel Big Fish, Live at the House of Blues dvd when a very unfortunatly timed vcamera shot of the crowd catches a the act.

So what's this have to do with Al? I'm listening to the audio commentary when Scott from the band sees this and starts humming Gotta Boogie, says it's a Weird Al song from the first album, and than sings a couple lines (Along to the RBF song that's playing). A neat little reference that caught me by surprise....


Anyhoo, I'll be honest....I'm not too crazy about this song. But Al was young,......
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Post by Yank27 »

Cool! Glad you found that! :)
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Bruce the Duck
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Post by Bruce the Duck »

Gotta Boogie is great! It's a perfect take off on stupid disco music. Anyway, a great big, steaming pile of boogies would be better than a certain track from Al's 1996 album, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with Flimdicated Mink.

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Post by algonacchick »

You always gotta put a jab in there, eh, Jeremy? We're talking about Gotta Boogie, alright? :stern:


I think it's a cute song. The demo version has a horn honking at the very end. Makes me laugh every time!

4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

"How's Problem Child doing?" - 7/12/11

So awesome!

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Post by weirdojace »

When I was in 3rd grade, a lot of kids made me sing Gotta Boogie at lunchtime. It was neat.

Now, they make me sing Trash Day and Jerry Springer..." onclick=";return false;

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Post by scottidog »

Gotta Boogie is one of the songs that always makes me laugh out loud. Because deep down, I am still 12.

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Post by Squirrelygirl »

Ah, yes! The dear ol' "Boogie" song.

I like it. It still makes me smile because, like SD (and probably more than a few others here), despite many covered up gray hairs, I'm still 12 at heart, too. And I intend to stay that way, too!:P

I also crack up every time I hear Baby Likes Burpin', so there you have it.

Only Al could write songs like those.

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Post by weird_el »

I hate this song. I always skip over this song. I will offer no apologies for thinking Al should be embarrased he even wrote it.

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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

I like the song. I don't think about the boogies while listening to it, I like the beat of it and how its sang. I just think about how I enjoy listening to the song.

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Post by Manda »

El I kind of agree. Its a gross song about some guy who picked his nose and then couldn't get it off. Now normally I think his gross humor is funny but this is first grade stuff. I dont like this song and its one the I skip over.
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