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25 years ... a quarter century ... whatever stars aligned that day, I'm certainly glad they did. Happy Gettin' Together Anniversary, Al and Jon. Has been nothing but greatness ever since. Here's looking forward to another quarter century or so. :)

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Up to the next 25 !! :F

Congratulations to AL en Jon ( and Dr Demento )
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anthontherun @ Sep 14 2005, 07:33 PM wrote: Leiber/Stoller
Phil & Don Everly

The great duos of rock. :D
You forgot Donnie and Marie! :P

Be jealous.
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Thanks all!

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hey, you're welcome! nice to see you. :D
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Man, sometimes I seriously think that I was born to be an Al fan...I mean, look at what day I was born...THE 14th... hehehe...Also, I live in Torrance....Wow...its been 25 years already???? woah!!

love ALWAYs

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You and Jon are neighbors? Cool!

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