Stop Draggin' My Car Around

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Re: Stop Draggin' My Car Around

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I honestly do not understand why Al is not extremely popular in Russia - accordion music was very big in Soviet Union, and garmon (which is basically a chromatic button accordion) is still considered to be one of the biggest musical instruments across the nation. My guess is that it's partially because Al only used his accordion a lot on his earliest albums, and by the time people in the former SU could actually get to know his music he stopped using the accordion in every song. But, fortunately, Al's "Stop draggin my car around" has plenty of accordion in it. His variation of a song I would probably never listen to in its original arrangement is so wonderful - it deeply touches something inside me. Accordion adds some kind of a bitter-sweet nostalgic vibe to it, so moving that it makes me want to take my garmon, go to some deep russian village, sit on some old front porch and sing at the top of my lungs "TOOK MY BABY TO THE LOCAL DISCOOOO..." :accordion:

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