Polkas on 45...

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Polkas on 45...

Post by StinkyCheese »

I'm sure to everyone else this is old news but...

at work we listen to an 80's station, and on Sunday nights they play old top 40 countdowns from that week in a certain year, well last night I heard on the countdown for the very first time, "Stars on 45"! And it was a mash up of hits from the 60's-70's, it was like a weird al polka medley without being polkaed. So that must have been where he got the whole Polka idea! I found that very interesting! I'm sure this was probably old news but I wanted to share just in-case, especially since, I've never heard it apart from this countdown.
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Re: Polkas on 45...

Post by minnick27 »

I've had that happen before. I occasionally listen to top 40 radio, and have heard almost complete playlists of polkas. Always neat to hear that coincidence

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Polkas On 45

Post by joseyklein »

The radio station I listen to 99.9 KISW the ROCK of Seattle, played Angry White Boy Polka a week before Poodle Hat's release, I thought that was pretty cool... they also played the crap out of White and Nerdy after SOL came out, which I thought was funny cause its a Hard Rock/Metal station.
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Re: Polkas on 45...

Post by Fyrelynx »

I was hearing a local malay band went on our country's radio and made a polka of Weird Al's songs. I only heard the White and Nerdy portion and I think they did a good job^^
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Re: Polkas on 45...

Post by TheLazenby »

Well... yeah, that's where he got the title of "Polkas On 45." "Stars On 45" was a massive hit.

I assume they just played the Beatles medley on your station, though... after that, nothing they did was popular. (Disco was on its way out.)

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Re: Polkas on 45...

Post by avesjohn »

Looking back now, I really didn't pay too much attention to music, old or new, when I was a kid (beyond getting the new Backstreet Boys/'N Sync albums every year, listening to a fledgling Radio Disney, and occasionally scooping up the soundtrack to a favorite movie or two). Nowadays, I more than make up for that with my weekly checkups on the Billboard charts. Point being, this polka was my introduction to a lot of classic rock songs.

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