I think the B-52's should cover "Mr. Popeil"

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And a Rock Lobster! "It wasn't a rock" LOL I just love the way he says it. What about songs like "Im So Sick Of You" and "Stuck In a Closet With Vanna White"? Are they style parodies? Man I need to find the style parody topic (there HAS to be one!)

Well, it's not confirmed (yet! I have an question in at Ask Al about this!), but I've always thought that SIACWVW is supposed to sound like Aerosmith. Especially, if you listen to the end section where he repeats the chorus over and over. There are some very definite Steven Tyler type "screams" in there. Also, in a very old Ask Al, Al listed Aerosmith among many of his other favorite bands including many of the ones he did style parodies of (B52s, Oingo Boingo, TMBG, Talking Heads, etc...) Ironically, the title is kind of similar to the idea of Aerosmith's "Love in an Elevator," which came out AFTER "Even Worse."

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Post by SmileyGirl87 »

Piggybacking??? ;)

Thanks SD and Bruce...since I kinda was a wee child when the album came out, I wasn't sure if SIACWVW was a parody or style parody..:blush:

Yep I'm a little slow on the uptake..

ttyl all!


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Re: I think the B-52's should cover "Mr. Popeil"

Post by MrRooney »

It's funny listening to "Cash Bar" from Whose Line next to this song.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEE3g-lpszQ 4:45

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Re: I think the B-52's should cover "Mr. Popeil"

Post by HappyGilmore »

Honestly, I dig this song. It's great.

Would also love to see it live, but I doubt it'd be added to a tour.

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