George Of The Jungle

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Post by WeirdAbbott »

personally this is one of my favorite songs off of Dare To Be Stupid, but thats just me

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There's already a topic for this.

Before starting topics here, please check through scottidog's list or my list to see if the topic already exists.
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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by Muldernscully »

Eh. The George of the Jungle cover doesn't really excite me. Quite skippable. 2 out of 5 stars.

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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by LaikaComeHome »

It's decent. Weird Al's voice is very suitable for this version of the theme song. It's definitely not one of his best, but it's not that bad. <3
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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by AlejandraDD »

This song just came up on my iPod and I went all "hmm... I wonder what's the deal with this". Google search brought me right to this topic, and while I'm sad to see nobody knows (other than "it's just a straight cover"), it's comforting to know we've been all asking the same question for almost 15 years.
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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by Sappho »

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that it was because the record company mandated a cover, as well as a Cindi Lauper parody (and in protest he made Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch deliberately bad).
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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by TMBJon »

What do you mean by "what's the deal with this"? I feel like I know the deal. Basically what Sappho said.
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Re: George Of The Jungle

Post by louietheweaselfaceddogboy »

According to the backer's update for the PledgeMusic, Bill Scott did the "Tarzan-like" yell for this song.

Does anyone know if Mr. Scott did a *new* vocal recording? Or was it an archived recording from the original series?

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