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One of the greatest, if not the greatest, Al original

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IMO, the greatest Al original is Albuquerque. So far. But OMM sure runs a close second.
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I agree

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algonacchick @ Oct 28 2006, 06:50 PM wrote: I love the video for One More Minute! All I have to do is watch Jon, Jim and Steve doing their Motown-esque, yet funnier dance moves, and I crack up! For me, that was the gag. Those three acting totally silly behind Al, who was playing up the serious balladier. So great! Who doesn't love the mic stand going limp for the self-service pumps line? So funny!
So, is the "self-service pump" line the sexual innuendo I think it is?

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Yes it is. Very much so.

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.... Unless you think it refers to drenching yourself in gasoline and then licking a poodle.
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ducttapeearth @ Jul 18 2007, 11:12 AM wrote: Yes it is. Very much so.
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Ah yes. This has definitely got to be my favourite song, up on top with 'Your Horoscope For Today' and 'Albuquerque'.
The video is really nice. It looks boring, but when you pay attention... :D

Oh yes, the gas station line...
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I must admit I used this song a lot when my own relationships went sour. Always helped comfort me.

I think Al looks so adorable in the video.

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when i was 13 or so, me and the kid who lived down the street worked out all the vocal parts. we would sing it (alternating lead and back-up) as we walked the two miles to the boys club. ah, memories... i LOVE this song... dare to be stupid is such a darn fine album...
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