Dare To Be Stupid Review

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Post by Akrovak »

Like A Surgeon: It still stands up as an awesome parody, even after almost 20 years. I think that has a lot to do with the original song's popularity, as well as Weird Al's voice, which mimics Madonna's quite well. I love the beginning of the song, and at the end, where the heart beats are joined in with the music. The video only adds to it, in my opinion, making it one of Al's best works. 10/10.

Dare To Be Stupid: A strong style parody of Devo ... and the video is very enjoyable. It's not one of my favorites on the album, but it's way up there. 9/10.

I Want A New Duck: I love the "Shows me how to get down ... get it" part (because the first couple times I heard the song, I really didn't ... I thought he was talking about Disco Duck or something, getting down and getting funky ... and then it hit me ... ohhhh, THAT kinda down!) ... beyond that, however, most of the lyrics kinda fell flat. I like the music, though ... and the quacks are cool. 7/10.

One More Minute: I have about three or four VERY TOP WEIRD AL ORIGINAL songs, and this is one of them. I love this song. I love the video. I love singing along with it while my fiance is in the car. And I love the live performance of it. It's like every thing you want to say to someone who dumps you, but just aren't weird enough to do it. 10/10.

Yoda: A somewhat clever parody of "Lola" ... a little out dated now (The Saga Begins kinda picks up where it left off, I guess). So, just listening to it on the album isn't really my favorite thing. However, watching it live is awesome ... especially the chant. Just amazing. They should re-release this album with the chant included. 8/10.

George Of The Jungle: I think it's hilarious that he included this song on the album. It just seems to fit so well with the over all theme. I don't know ... I just get a chuckle when I hear it. As far as the song itself goes ... well, it's kinda blah. But that's what makes it so funny. 7/10.

Slime Creatures From Outer Space: This song grates on my nerves. Not really sure why. It's one of the few WAY songs that I just can't find many good things to say about (well, another one is coming up next, but overall I REALLY like the majority of them). 4/10.

Girls Just Want To Have Lunch: Knowing that Al was kinda forced to include this song on the album, I'd have to say this is one of his worst parodies. It's no where near as creative and genius as his other works. And ... man ... I hate his voice on this song. He sounds angry, irritated, somewhat nasty. 2/10.

This Is The Life: I enjoy this song every time I hear it. I like the music style, and the glee that seems to come Al as he is singing (I guess it makes up for the above listed song). And the video is great also (I especially like the part at the end where Al is standing with his arms outstretched and wiggling his fingers as the chandelier falls). Four videos from one CD is pretty cool! 10/10.

Cable TV: Not quite as good as some of his other songs along the same vein (Couch Potato and I Can't Watch This come to mind), but still an enjoyable listen. 8/10.

Hooked On Polkas: In my opinion, ALL of his polkas are amazing ... and I always have problems ranking them in any kind of order (although Bohemian and Polka Power! are normally one and two). With that said, this is one of my favorite songs on the album ... just because I like his polkas so much. 10/10

Over All Rating: Average based on above numbers ... 7.72/10 ... but I will give it an 8/10, because it is a fairly awesome album with the exception of a couple songs.

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Post by Alucard »

I suppose I could go ahead and add my thoughts

Like a Surgeon: Never was a Madonna fan, but this song is good. The clip from "weird al unplugged" was great. A 7

Dare to be Stupid: Greatest song ever. 10/10

I Want a New Duck: This song is ok, but not my fav. 4

One More Minute: this song is fun to do at parties and when you break up with your girl. 9

Yoda: I like this song too. star wars no, yoda, yes. Lola by the kinks is actually fu nier though, IMHO. 8

George Of The Jungle: A great cover and fun to listen to. 8

Slime Creatures From Outter Space: This song is fun too. I'm suprised it wasn't included on Dr. Demento's Hits from outer space. I guess Al could've filled half the disc, lol. 9

Girls just want to have Lunch: Next to Syndicated inc, this is my least favorite Al. 2

This is the Life: I love it, I love it, I love it. If money can't buy happiness, I guess I'll have to rent it. 10

Cable Tv: This is fun to play at coffee houses if you're a musician, also it is very good. 8

Hooked on Polkas: I think this is one of Al's best Polkas and it is no wonder that it is the last track on the album: close with a bang! 9

I liked Dare to be stupid a lot. It was my third or fourth Album and I got it after I'd seen him in concert for the first time, so it's very good in my opinion. Despite my disdain for maybe two cuts on the album, I believe it is very strong and solid and gets a 10 in my book, no matter what.

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Post by djgrrrl »

Even though I love Al's "new" look, I think he looks great in the Surgeon video....

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Post by Smells_Like_a_Username »

My Quick Reviews:

Like a Surgeon - Tied for best parody on the album.
Dare to be Stupid - One of the best upbeat Al originals out there!
I Want a New Duck - Definitely a low point.
One More Minute - My personal favorite on this CD, for reasons that I have yet to quite figure out for myself.
Yoda - Tied for best parody on the album, and even better live!
George of the Jungle - For a short cover song, I kinda like it.
Slime Creatures from Outer Space - A little overrated, but still a nice song.
Girls Just Want to Have Lunch - Ok, not very good by Al standards, but for a song that he was forced into doing, it came out pretty decent.
This is the Life - Excellent Al original, another one of my favorites.
Cable TV - I'm kind of indifferent on this one. It's not excellent, but it's not bad.
Hooked on Polkas - Woo! Fast-moving polka! That's what I like to hear. Great job, Al!

Overall, this album gets about an 8/10 for me. There are only two or three low points on it, and even they're not incredibly horrible.

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Post by AMFilms »

Like a Surgeon-one of my overall favorites of al's 10/10
Dare to be Stupid-same with this One 10/10
I Want a New Duck-not too great 7/10
One More Minute-pretty good 9/10
Yoda-I Loved it! 12/10
George of the Jungle-sorry, but I Hated it 3/10
Slime Creatures from Outer Space -pretty good 8/10
Girls Just Want to Have Lunch -decent. 6/10
This is the Life -ahh... i love it. 10/10
Cable TV I like it 9/10
Hooked on Polkas-my favorite polka besides TAP.
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Post by alberta1 »

Like a Surgeon - Great song though i like the live version better - the one with Ruben in a madonna bra...hehe - 7/10
Dare to be Stupid - best turned up loud - 8/10
I want a new duck - cool man - 9/10
One More Minute - Song of all break up songs - 9/10
YODA - wicked mate, wicked 10/10
Slime creatures from outerspace - not the best but i do like it - 6/10
Girls just want to have lunch - not the best either - 5/10
This is the life - one of my favourite film clips - 10/10
Cable TV - always in my head - 8/10
Hooked on polkas - prob my least fav polka - 3/10

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Post by alberta1 »

Forgot george of the jungle - not a favourite either - 4/10

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Post by Conor »

1. Like A Surgeon 10/10
2. Dare To Be Stupid 8/10
3. I Want A New Duck 10/10
4. One More Minute 10/10
5. Yoda 10/10
6. George Of The Jungle 2/10 WASTE OF SPACE!
7. Slime Creatures From Outer Space 10/10
8. Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch 5/10
9. This Is The Life 10/10
10. Cable TV 5/10
11. Hooked On Polkas 6/10
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Post by Super Sonic 5 »

Like a Surgeon: The live version is great. Does that count? 7.5/10

Dare to be Stupid: So crazy! The live version more-so! 8.5/10

I Want a New Duck: What's so great about this? 4/10

One More Minute: One of his most twisted insane love songs ever. 8/10

Yoda: This is one of Weird Al's best songs ever. 10/10

George Of The Jungle: FILLER/10. 2/10

Slime Creatures From Outter Space: Okay song, awesome sound effects. 7/10

Girls just want to have Lunch: Bah. I don't like it. Even The Weird One said it was forced. 3/10

This is the Life: Who could ask for more? 9/10

Cable TV: Not bad the first time, boring later. 6/10

Hooked on Polkas: Polka can have a 7/10
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Post by WeirdAbbott »

My top five favorite DTBS songs are as follows...

5. I Want a New Duck
4. One More Minute
3. Like A Surgeon
2. Hooked On Polkas

and the #1 song from Dare To Be Stupid is

1. Dare To Be Stupid

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