Dare To Be Stupid Review

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Post by Manda »

We don't have a review for this album so I thought I would start it. :) If that's ok.

Like a Surgeon: A funny song. And a great video. I give it a 9/10

Dare to be Stupid: I love this song. Its funny and great to listen too. 10/10

I Want a New Duck: Funny song. I love the duck sounds. 9/10

One More Minute: A great love song. Very funny. 9/10

Yoda: I like this song. 8/10

George Of The Jungle: Considering I didn't care for the movie. This song is ok. Not a favorite of mine. 7/10

Slime Creatures From Outter Space: A good song. 8/10

Girls just want to have Lunch: Not a bad song. But not very good either. 6/10

This is the Life: A great song and has great music. 8/10

Cable Tv: I don't listen to this one much. 6/10

Hooked on Polkas: I like this polka. Its a good one. 9/10

Overall not a bad album. I like it. 8/10
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Post by YamiJess27 »

Like a Surgeon: Great song, lovely video, and awesome live! 10/10

Dare to be Stupid: Funny and very catchy 10/10

I Want a New Duck: Amusing and very quoteable (show me how to get down... GET IT?) 9/10

One More Minute: One of Al's greatest songs ever. 10/10

Yoda: Another song that is totally awesome. I love this album so much. 10/10

George Of The Jungle: I just don't get the point of this song.... 6/10

Slime Creatures From Outter Space: Good song, got some funny lines in it. 8/10

Girls just want to have Lunch: Another good song, but it seems like the idea was just stretched out too long. I don't think it was a good enough idea to do an entire song about and his singing isn't his best ever. 7/10

This is the Life: I love this song and the video so much ^_^ His hair was cute and the song is very singalongable 9/10

Cable Tv: I like this song, but in the world of Al is been done (over... and over...) 8/10

Hooked on Polkas: One of my favorite polkas. Lots of songs that sound interesting polkafied 9/10

Overall 8.7272727272727 (that's really what the calculator said!:lol:)/10.... but because it was my first al album ever it gets a bonus of .2727272727 and it gets rounded up to 9/10 ^_^
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Post by TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles »

I sadly do not have the album. :( So I am unable to review it.
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Post by weirdojace »

1. LIKE A SURGEON -- 8/10 An okay song, but a GREAT video.

2. DARE TO BE STUPID -- 9/10 Catchy!!

3. I WANT A NEW DUCK -- 6/10 I don't think this parody worked too well...it seemed forced.

4. ONE MORE MINUTE -- 10/10 The best love song Al's done.

5. YODA -- 7/10 Not a big Star Wars fan...it's an okay song.

6. GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE -- 1/10 Since when does Al do covers?


8. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE LUNCH -- 6/10 Too forced. And I mean WAY too forced. So forced that Al didn't even want to do it--Scotti Bros made him.

9. THIS IS THE LIFE -- 8/10 Catchy! I like this one.

10. CABLE TV -- 7/10 A very underrated song. It's kinda good.

11. HOOKED ON POLKAS -- 7/10 Pretty good polka.

This album has a lot of strong points and a lot of weak points. 7/10.
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

Like a Surgeon- 9/10. One of the classics. Just pure genius.

Dare to Be Stupid- 10/10. One of Al's best songs. Awesome and catchy.

I Want a New Duck- 7/10. Mediocre by Al's standards, but still pretty good.

One More Minute- 10/10. My second favorite original. Absolutely priceless.

Yoda- 10/10. My favorite parody. One of Al's funniest, and a great way to end a live show.

George of the Jungle- 5/10. It was a good show, but why do a cover?

Slime Creatures from Outer Space- 7/10. Not bad, but not good either.

Girls Just Wanna Have Lunch- 4/10. By far, Al's worst parody. It seems really forced.

This is the Life- 9/10. A great, catchy original.

Cable TV- 8/10. Hillarious!

Hooked On Polkas- 9/10. A very good polka.
This album is pretty good, but not Al's best. 8/10.
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Post by Kitten »

Like a Surgeon: great song! 9/10

Dare to be Stupid: Very Very Funny and Catchy 10/10

I Want a New Duck: Funny great parody 8/10

One More Minute: very good song 9/10

Yoda: Very Very Very Funny, one of my favorite songs 10/10

George Of The Jungle: Good song and catchy 7/10

Slime Creatures From Outter Space: good song not one of my favorites but its good 6/10

Girls just want to have Lunch: ONE OF THE FUNNEST SONGS EVER!!!!! 10/10!!!

This is the Life: very catch and good 9/10

Cable Tv: good song 7/10

Hooked on Polkas: Preatty good 8/10

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Post by Genius in Maine »

My second favorite ALbum (second only to Even Worse). This one has some very funny and underrated songs.

1. Like A Surgeon - This one is very funny, but the hilarious video is probably what made it a hit. I like the video better than the song itself. 7/10

2. Dare To Be Stupid - A great song with an even better video! 9/10

3. I Want A New Duck - All I can say is :lol: 9/10

4. One More Minute - While it is a bit overrated, it's still a good song. 7/10

5. Yoda - Classic! 11/10

6. George Of The Jungle - I enjoyed the show, but I would have preferred another parody or original. 5/10

7. Slime Creatures From Outer Space - Extremely underrated original. The space sound effects are excellent, as is the line "Who you gonna call?" 8/10

8. Girls Just Want To Have Lunch - It's obvious this one was forced. Its only saving grace is Musical Mike (I think that's him) and his musical hands. 3/10

9. This Is The Life - Musically, this one is great. However, I might like it better if I see Johnny Dangerously. 6/10

10. Cable TV - Another extremely underrated original! I love the saxophone solo in the middle! 9/10

11. Hooked On Polkas - One of my favorite polkas. 8/10
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Post by drnick954 »

Like A Surgeon- Good song, with a good video 8/10

Dare To Be Stupid- One of Als top 5 songs of all time 10/10

I want a new duck- Funny song 9/10

One More Minute- I agree with GIM, its overrated 7/10

Yoda- Gets annoying once everyone at school starts singing it all the time 8/10

George of the Jungle- OK 7/10

Slime Creatures from Outer Space- Not too bad 8/10

Girls Just want to have Lunch- Lame 6/10

This is the Life- Good but not great 7.5/10

Cable TV- Never been a fan of this one 7/10

Hooked On Polkas- Very good polka!! 8.5/10

Overall- 7.8/10. Its an ok album, not his best.
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Post by JDTurnbull272 »

1. LIKE A SURGEON -- I couldn't get enough of it the first time I heard it...Still great! 9/10

2. DARE TO BE STUPID -- Silly. Reminds me of some of my childhood nightmares. 8/10

3. I WANT A NEW DUCK -- I am not too crazy about this one, but my nephew loves the duck sounds! 5/10

4. ONE MORE MINUTE -- GOOD song! The live version ROCKS! 10/10

5. YODA -- A nice mellow song...Lol. 9/10

6. GEORGE OF THE JUNGLE -- Don't know...Kind of dumb. 4/10

7. SLIME CREATURES FROM OUTER SPACE -- Fun to hear each time! 9/10

8. GIRLS JUST WANT TO HAVE LUNCH -- He sounds annoyed in the song. When I hear Al annoyed, I get annoyed too... 4/10

9. THIS IS THE LIFE -- Good song. Great music video too! 8/10

10. CABLE TV -- I don't know why, but I always seem to miss this song. But when I DO listen, it makes me chuckle a bit. 7/10

11. HOOKED ON POLKAS -- I wish this polka was the first track! Great polka! 9/10

Overall Review: I wish I listened to this ALbum more than I do...But when I do, I am glad that I did. I think it deserves a 8/10.
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Post by modular »

LAS - Just another very good Al song, but the video makes it a lot better. 8/10

DTBS - Great, great song and video :lol:! 10/10

I Want a New Duck - Hmm... it's okay, lyrics not hilarious 5/10

OMM - Love it!! 10/10

Yoda - Also love it!! 10/10

George of the Jungle - Bah. 3/10

Slime Creatures from Outer Space - I like it. 7/10

Girls Jusst Want to have Lunch - Rushed, forced. 5/10

This is the Life - I like it a lot, good lyrics and tune. 8/10

Cable TV - Pretty good too 7/10

Hooked on Polkas - Another great polka. 8/10
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