Dare To Be Stupid

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Post by Muldernscully »

Muldernscully wrote:
ElRoboDiablo @ Aug 14 2007, 11:33 AM wrote: everybody keeps saying it's their fave original weird al song. i love 'dare to be stupid'. but it isn't an 'original'. as we all know (hopefully), there are four kinds of al songs: parodies, style parodies, polka medleys and originals. and this song is a DEVO style parody. just ask anybody with the last name mothersbaugh.

i'm just sayin'... :Y
Dude, it's still an original if he is not directly parodying a specific song.

BTW, This song has grown on me over the years, but still not one of my favorite originals.
It continues to grow on me. I give it a 4 out of 5.

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Re: Dare To Be Stupid

Post by KatrinatheGood »

I love this song from the first time I heard it. I feel that it's a call to be yourself and be happy. Dare to be different and enjoy life. Others may look at you like are stupid or inferior for not following the status quo, but they don't matter. It's danceable as well. I'm probably thinking way to deep.

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Re: Dare To Be Stupid

Post by Abbeybunny »

You're not thinking any different than I am about this song.
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Re: Dare To Be Stupid

Post by Mystik Tomato »

I just watched a whole bunch of Devo videos and this back-to-back and man the amount of effort put into the video is insane because there's only a couple of moments in the video that don't have a direct reference/connection to a Devo music video (and a commercial they did, bizarrely)

What's even more impressive is that it doesn't really reference Whip It or Girl U Want, which I would argue are the bands biggest hits.
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Re: Dare To Be Stupid

Post by LaikaComeHome »

I love this song. Brings me back to memories of watching Happy Tree Friends AMVS in summer of 2007. I miss that summer. I remember back in this job training program me and one of my best friends sang the song together. Memories...
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