One More Minute Live

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Re: One More Minute Live

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^^ yes it would!!

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Re: One More Minute Live

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I'm really looking forward to the next acoustic medley, and that is sweet idea Jon!
What a racket they're makin', Jack, they keep me up at night playin' their electric guitars!!

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Re: One More Minute Live

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Heds wrote:
weird_el wrote:It was replaced with Wanna B Ur Lovr as the song where Al goes out into the audience. OMM was probably performed at every show from 1985-2003. Al's parents died in 2004, so OMM was dropped before that. I miss OMM, it's my favorite Al song. WBUL, not
Aaah, thanks for correcting me. I don't think we exactly know when it was dropped, but I'd say circa 2003-2004ish.
It was droped after the Poodle Hat tour so 2004

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