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I played this song for my dad last night and he turned purple. It was so cool. 8)

BTW, this song rocks.

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Post by WAYFan »

I love this song. I was singing it in the park the other day.
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Post by Scarlatti »

My bf was going on about some girl in college that he liked a lot....just a bit TOO much!

So i picked up my guitar, said the song was just for him and played Good enough for now :yay:

He hasn't mentioned her since :clap: :lol:

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Post by sammy1378 »

hi, does anyone know which country artist this is a style parody of?

that is, if this is even a style parody? it really does sound like a certain country artist but i really cant put my finger on it....

everbody's sayin' that he sure sounds funny but it's still billy joel to me!

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Post by anthontherun »

I don't really think he had a specific artist in mind. More just country music in general.

(That said I can totally hear Johnny Cash singing it)
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Post by WeirdAbbott »

I think this is Al's greatest original...behind "I Was Only Kidding" of course. :P

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Post by OneWAY »

anthontherun @ January 01, 2008 07:06 pm wrote: (That said I can totally hear Johnny Cash singing it)
Having watched "Walk The Line" multiple times recently and being subjected to a ton of his work throughout my life, I can safely agree with this statement.

Then again, I'm visualizing Elvis Presley doing it right now too...

But yes, I thoroughly enjoy hearing this song. He could do this one live and I'd love it... but I don't think Al is going to do a different Polka Party! original any time soon in the set list.
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New England Folk Festival, 2008
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

Thanks for posting that, Helen. They actually did a pretty good job with it.
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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Post by Muldernscully »

Muldernscully wrote:
Noodles @ Jan 11 2007, 01:35 AM wrote: This is by far Al's most underrated song ever.
I agree that this song is very underrated. I discovered this song late because I only had Permanent Record for many years. Only last year did I get the rest of Al's songs that weren't on PR. I was pleasantly surprised when I first heard this song. Al should do a little more country. If you want to hear another great country-sounding song that's making fun of country music, check out Gin Blossom's "Cheatin'" from their album "New Miserable Experience".
I still agree with my review from 8 years ago. Great song. 4 out of 5 stars.

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