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This is by far Al's most underrated song ever. This is one of my all-time favorite songs. Heck, I could porbaby listen to it 27 times a day if I had that much time to waste. I don't understand why people don't like country. Country sounds so good, especially when the lyrics are that funny.

-- I'm positive that there was no topic for this song started already.
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I am in complete agreement, Noodles! It's not my FAVORITE Al song, but it's certainly up there. And it's easily one of the top love songs that he's done. I just love the subtlety in the lyrics. And the music is really beautifully done. It's one of his best songs both lyrically and musically, and because it doesn't smack you in the face with gags, it really stands out from most of his other songs.

There are only a handful of songs like this, among them are also "Good Old Days," "Airline Amy," and "Why Does This Always Happen To Me." And as much as I love the constant joke type songs, like "I'll Sue Ya," "Pentiums," "I'm So Sick of You," and almost every other song he's done, I really appreciate the more subtle ones, and I wish he'd do them a bit more often. But then again maybe the uniqueness is why I like those songs so much.
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Post by Noodles »

Of course, Syndicated Inc. is rather boring though.
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I love this one too. One of the few country songs I truly enjoy. It's actually one of the first Al songs I really remember hearing so it's a sentimental favorite in a lot of ways.
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I agree with BtD, it's so subtle it could almost be serious. I love it. is distinguished from all other creatures by the faculty of laughter.
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Yeah, in my opinion, this is the third funniest Al original.
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Post by scottidog »

jerAL @ Jan 11 2007, 04:47 PM wrote: I agree with BtD, it's so subtle it could almost be serious. I love it.
There are plenty of "serious" country songs that are funny.
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Ah, Kinky Friedman. Good times. :D
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I offered my son $100 to lip sync this at an upcoming school talent show. Where my kids go to school (maybe everywhere?) this song is totally applicable to the majority of the parents...The number of trade-ins and upgrades is unbelievable!
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This is definitely one of favorite Al songs. And, if I did narrow them all down to one, this song might even be my favorite...even though I could never narrow them all down to one.

As Bruce mentioned the subtlety is definitely what makes this song stand out from others. I've always said that I think this is Al's truest love song.

This is just one Amazing song that I can not say enough about.
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