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Re: Polka Party!. . .reviews!

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1. Living with a Hernia - A pretty good start to a not-so-good album. It's a pretty clever James Brown parody and it's one the best songs from this album. 8/10

2. Dog Eat Dog - I'm not a huge fan of this song. It's catchy, but for the most part it's mildly amusing and there's really nothing special about this song. 6/10

3. Addicted to Spuds - This was a decent parody. The rhymes are clever, the lyrics are funny and it captures the feel of the original song very well. It doesn't have that much of replay value compared to his other songs, but it's a good effort. 7/10

4. One of Those Days - This is one of the bright spots this album has to offer. It starts off as a typical song about a bad day, but it isn't too long before it takes a completely different turn and this song stands out because of it. Well, this album is decent so far, but it goes downhill after that. 8/10

5. Polka Party - Ugh, this one. I remember this one being my least favorite Polka and one of my least favorite Al songs in general. Looking back at this song, I still don't like it. It's not awful or anything, but it is pretty boring. The medley itself is nothing special, but Al doesn't really do anything interesting with them. The only bits of this song I enjoy are the Harlem Shuffle and Rock Me Amadeus. 4/10

6. Here's Johnny - This one feels like another one-joke song except in this case that one joke gets old pretty fast. I get the whole joke of this song where he takes something so unimportant and turns it into a song. It's funny at first, but it gets tedious near the end. 6/10

7. Don't Wear Those Shoes - Just a middle of the road song. Nothing exceptionally good, but nothing bad either. 6/10

8. Toothless People - I found an old post in the thread for this song where I went with the unpopular opinion of this song. In retrospect though, I'm going to have to agree with the people who hate this song. At this point you can tell that Al was scraping the barrel when almost all of his parodies on this album are movie songs. I mean I can understand why he would parody Living in America because that was a big song and he had a clever idea. In this case though he's just parodying a song from a movie not a lot of people remember. This song just isn't funny. It's almost completely devoid of humor until near the end of the song which has the most effort. I love that line where he says "You don't want to have to wind up eating your food through a straw." and it was so good that he even re-used it in an episode of The Weird Al Show. Other than that part of the song, it's my least favorite Weird Al song this far. 3/10

9. Good Enough For Now - A decent recovery after that trainwreck of a song. I really like the whole modesty of this song and it makes for a funny song. Nothing spectacular, but I like it. 7/10

10. Christmas at Ground Zero - This song is a Christmas miracle. This is the best song off of this album and it's almost too good to be on this album, but then again this album would be nothing without it. It's similar to Happy Birthday except it's 10 times better. The lyrics are hilarious and the whole upbeat tone of the songs makes it even more funny. While this album isn't so good, at least it ends on a high note. 10/10

This album is just OK. There aren't that many good songs on this album and most of them are either average or just not good at all with only a few genuinely good songs. I think the problem with this album is that it was rushed which could explain the medley for Polka Party and the songs that he chose to parody aren't good parody material with the exception of Living in America. (I could say Addicted to Love too, but even that feels like a filler choice.) I remember being annoyed by the delay for Alpocalypse and have been waiting for the album for a few years which seemed like forever at the time, but now I'm glad that he doesn't release albums yearly anymore and seems to care more about making a quality album instead of just releasing one just for the sake of it. 6/10
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Re: Polka Party!. . .reviews!

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Favourite Song: Dog Eat Dog
Favourite Original: Dog Eat Dog
Favourite Parody: Living With A Hernia
Funniest Song: Dog Eat Dog
Least Favourite Song: Good Enough For Now

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