Was Christmas At Ground Zero banned from some stations?

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They played it once on the Phil Hendrie Show during the Christmas season in 1999. It's nationally syndicated (like Rush Limbuah and Dr. Laura) meaning it plays on a whole bunch of AM radio stations.

Phil Hendire's show is probably the most unique and funniest radio program ever. What Phil does is that he comes up with these characters that he does the voices of. These characters say the most outrageous things (like it's okay to kill someone or something) and REAL people call in thinking that it's REAL. So basically it's kind of like a prank call show but they have the victims call up.

Phil played Christmas at Ground Zero because every time he goes to a commercial break, he'll put on a different song.
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Here's Christmas At Ground Zero, not banned, but turning up in a very serious, straight-faced context:

http://www.msu.edu/~jdowell/[email protected]
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