Even Worse Review Thread

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hehe, the third Naked Gun movie was 33 1/3, in reference to the speed at which an album revolves on a turntable. *33 1/3 rpm*I like Even Worse, too. It's the only album on which Al had two parodies of songs written by the same artist. Tommy James wrote both "I Think We're Alone Now" and "Mony Mony" :D
4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

"How's Problem Child doing?" - 7/12/11

So awesome!

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Post by anthontherun »

Even Worse is proof of how bad the late 1980s music scene was. Every song parodied on that album except for "Bad" was a remake of a song from the 50s or 60s.
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Post by GoldenAvenger »

Fat: 6/10 I dunno I just never really liked it. It's missing... something.
Stuck In a Closet with Vanna White: 10/10 It's so random, yet still funny.
This Song's Just Six Words Long: 9/10 Extremely funny.
You Make Me: 5/10 It just isn't funny. :z
I Think I'm A Clone Now: 9/10 Hilarious parody.
Lasagna: 5/10 This one wasn't that great either.
Melanie: 10/10 Hilarious lyrics.
Alimony 8/10 Pretty good.
Velvet Elvis: 8/10 Had several really good lines.
Twister: 5/10 What the heck did I just listen to?
Good Old days: 10/10 Haha great. Just pure genius.

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Post by mrmeadows »

anthontherun @ Apr 15 2005, 01:26 PM wrote: Even Worse is proof of how bad the late 1980s music scene was. Every song parodied on that album except for "Bad" was a remake of a song from the 50s or 60s.
Well said, Anth. Not only that, but two of the 60's songs were essentially by the same artist. Sure, Billy Idol and Tiffany had their poppy covers in the late 80's so the songs were somewhat fresh, but "Mony, Mony" and "I Think We're Alone Now" were both originally recorded by Tommy James and the Shondells 20-some years prior. Nothing against Tommy James or oldies music, but I expect Al to mix things up a bit more. One classic rock song per album is plenty.

So partially for the reasons stated--not to mention the lack of a polka--Even Worse remains my least favorite album. Of course, it isn't a complete disaster (no "Weird Al" album even comes close to that!) My complete review follows. . .

FAT: I'm with a lot of you on this one. Overrated. Funny enough, but not as strong as the weakest parody on a couple of his other albums. Still, could be one of the best music videos Al has ever done. Extra points for that, of course. 7/10

STUCK IN A CLOSET WITH VANNA WHITE: One of two rambling nonsense songs on the album. Neither one is great, and this is the lesser of them. The dream imagery is interesting, but not particularly funny. Usually a skipped track. 4.5/10

(THIS SONG'S JUST) SIX WORDS LONG: Excellent. A deeper, much richer song than the original, in that it actually says more in commenting on how little the original actually says! One of Al's most ingenious twists, and the first time he actually satirized the song itself, instead of just turning the lyrics into an ode to food or TV or something silly. Minor quibble: It always sounds to me like Al is singing "This song IS just six words long" (7 words), despite the apostrophe "s" in the title. Always bugged me a bit. . .but whatever. Nonetheless 10/10

YOU MAKE ME: More incoherence, so soon after SIACWVW. Too soon, really, although this song is a step up. I like the music, and some of the non-sequiturs are "out there" enough to illicit a chuckle or two. In the end it doesn't add up to much, but it's fun. 7/10

I THINK I'M A CLONE NOW: Witty stuff! Could have made a nifty video (think multiple Als running around!), but alas. A solid parody. 8/10

LASAGNA: I love this one! It's about my favorite kind of food (Italian), it features Al playing a mean accordion, and it's a clever idea. Second favorite parody on the album, next to TSJSWL. 9/10

MELANIE: =I don't think it's Al's best "love" song, but it isn't bad. The lament of a stalker. . .that's pretty funny. 7/10

ALIMONY: This one always sounded kinda rushed to me. Al's vocals seem a little off (some parts don't even sound like him), and the parody concept is a little obvious. Some laughs, but Al's done better. 6/10

VELVET ELVIS: Hated this song when I first heard the album, but it's grown on me. Not a hilarious song, but the music is good and it's kinda fun to sing along with when I'm alone in the car. 7.5/10

TWISTER: I'm a Beastie Boys fan, and my only problem with this song is that it's too short. Otherwise, it's dead-on (early) BB. . .meets MB. 8/10

GOOD OLD DAYS: A classic. Almost as good as One More Minute, in Al Originals Hall of Fame. Still, it falls short of a perfect "10" for me. Not really sure why. Maybe because the pace is a little too leisurely (even though I know the intent is to sound "laid back.") 9/10

OVERALL: Like I said, my least favorite Al-bum. The standouts are TSJSWL, "Lasagna", and GOD, but the other songs are merely "above average" or less. That may be pretty good for most artists, but Al usually does better. That being said, this is my favorite album title out of all of them. Michael Jackson's album was "Bad", and Al's is "Even Worse"! Now that's funny! 6/10

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Post by Mystik Tomato »

Fat - I like this song, but it loses WAY too much without the video. 6/10

Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White - Not one of my favourites. In fact I skip over it heaps. Maybe because it goes too long... 5/10

(This Song's Just) Six Words Long - ...Or maybe because this is after it! Best parody on the album & second best parody ever. It never gets old. 10/10

You Make Me - Second best original on the album. Very funny. 9/10

I Think I'm A Clone Now - It's alright, I guess 6/10

Lasagna: Love it! And I like the song aswell. (Wow. How many times has that joke been used? :rolleyes: ) 9/10

Melanie - Pretty funny, but not a favourite. 7/10

Alimony - Good but it sounds kinda boring. 6/10

Velvet Elvis - Not funny, and I skip over it almost every time I listen to EW 5/10

Twister - Best original on the album. Very funny, even it's a (half)cover 8/10

Good Old Days - I cannot stand this song at all. It just seems to be too sadistic even for my taste. That said it's creative enough. 2/10

Overall - Even if it has 2 of my least favourite al-songs on it, it has 4 of my most favourite songs. So it gets 5 buckles outta 5
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Post by L285 »

Fat - Overrated outside the Al fan-base, the first Al song I ever heard - 7/10
Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White - "I'm STUCK in a closet with VANNA White," never gets old - 9/10
(This Song's Just) Six Words Long - The best parody on this album by far - 10/10
You Make Me - As a nonsense song, not quite as good as SIACWVW, but good nonetheless - 8/10
I Think I'm a Clone Now - Cleverly written, but it's still a bit shabby - 7/10
Lasagna - I love this, it's probably one of my most listened to Al songs - 9/10
Melanie - Overrated, I like the last verse though - 5/10
Alimony - Catchy, but not of the usual Al quality - 7/10
Velvet Elvis - Not funny, not catchy, not original - 4/10
Twister - Would've been fantastic if it was longer - 4/10
Good Old Days - A but to slow for my liking, but good nonetheless - 8/10

Overall - A mix of the good and the bad, I wouldn't have put 4 mediocre songs consecutively - 7/10
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Re: Even Worse Review Thread

Post by Insomnia »

Fat: 10/10
Stuck In a Closet with Vanna White: 8/10
This Song's Just Six Words Long: 9/10
You Make Me: 7/10
I Think I'm A Clone Now: 7/10
Lasagna: 6/10
Melanie: 6/10
Alimony: 6.5/10
Velvet Elvis: 6/10
Twister: 6/10
Good Old days: 6/10

Way too many average songs on this one but it does have 5 good to great songs.

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Re: Even Worse Review Thread

Post by Yankomaniac »

Probably my second favorite ALbum right here. Small review, not much point in rating them but will anyway:

FAT: 10/10 - Classic parody. Will never leave the set.

Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White: 10/10 - Amazing guitar work all around keeps this interesting along with the whacky lyrics. Rocks hard.

This Song's Just Six Words Long: 8/10 - Funny parody, not they're strongest but catchy as hell.

You Make Me: 10/10 - Classic original, genius lyrics and back up vocals. Classic guitar solo by Jim. Bass lines are wicked.

I Think I'm A Clone Now: 9/10 - Very funny lyrics, love the keyboard solo. Its a Tiffany parody so I didn't expect any better.

Lasagna: 10/10 - Come on! One of the best parodies ever. Amazing squeezebox solos and Jim's mandolin solo.

Melanie: 9/10 - Was what Al was aiming for, not my favorite but its extremely well done. Love the vocal melodies.

Alimony: 10/10 - Great Parody! Jim added a wicked solo that isn't in the Idol version. Love the classic rock parodies.

Velvet Elvis: 10/10 - Classic original, great use of influences as always. Really great vocals all around!

Twister: 10/10 - Its a commercial more than anything. Well done.

Good Old Days: 10/10 - Absolutely amazing ballad. Love everything about it, wish I could have seen it live. Some of my favorite acoustic arrangements.

Amazing album through and through :peace:
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Re: Even Worse Review Thread

Post by Waffle King »

This album is still the toughest for me to rank. It's hard for me to see past the nostalgia,but I'll give it a shot.

1. Fat. Another Al classic! Probably in the top 5 that he'll be remembered for.
2.Lasagna. Fun song. Mario Bros. was big back then, and I always thought this was Al unofficially touching on the craze.
3.You Make Me. The off the wall music coupled with Al's zany lyrics makes this one very catchy.
4.Stuck In A Closet With Vanna White. Similar to the above.Another of Al at his wackiest.
5.Velvet Elvis. Didn't like this one as much as a kid,but it's grown on me.
6.Alimony. Seemed the obvious subject to parody,but it turned out to be one of better parodies on the album.
7.Melanie. Probably my favorite of Al's twisted love songs.
8.This Song's Just Six Words Long. Much like Alimony,this seemed like one that Al took the easiest route for a Parody,but again,it works brilliantly.It seems to go on endlessly, while Al finds new ways to say nothing!
9. Twister. An early attempt at a rap parody,works very well.
10.I Think I'm A Clone Now. Lyrics are nothing special,but OK.
11.Good Old Days. Another of my least favorites.Not awful,but I tend to skip it.
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Re: Even Worse Review Thread

Post by weirdalrocks »

Even Worse? How can you get worse than Polka Party? :D ...OK that was lame. Let's just get to the review.

1. Fat - What else can I say about this song that hasn't been said already? It's a hilarious parody that's even better than Eat It. 10/10

2. Stuck in a Closet With Vanna White - This is a somewhat underrated song. I love how odd and random the dreams in this song are and the fact that him being stuck in a closet with Vanna White is the final straw is just great. 10/10

3. This Song is Just Six Words Long - Spot-on parody of George Harrison and the concept for this song is just so weird that it's funny. 10/10

4. You Make Me - Awesome original song. It kind of reminds me of One More Minute in a way and it's just as hilarious as that song. 10/10

5. I Think I'm A Clone Now - Not a great parody, but it's still funny and I do like it more than the original song. 8/10

6. Lasagna - This song is just as hilarious as when I first heard it. I just love the accent Al uses and that alone makes the song great. 10/10

7. Melanie - This is quite possibly one of the darkest Weird Al songs ever. I remember how I used to find some parts of the song funny while other parts were just creepy or dark. Now I think it's the perfect dark comedy song and it's one of my favorite songs on the album. 10/10

8. Alimony - Another great parody for this album. The lyrics are great and the chorus is just as catchy as the original. I also love the callback to "The Check's in the Mail". 10/10

9. Velvet Elvis - A very odd concept for a song, but it still works very well. 9/10

10. Twister - I used to not care for this song, but now I actually like it. I dig the whole Beastie Boys style he chose for this song and I think the idea that he chose a song from a commercial as a filler song is pretty damn funny. While it's the weakest song on the album, it's still pretty good. 8/10

11. Good Ol' Days - The perfect way to end the album. It's so messed up, but I love it. 10/10

After the average Polka Party, it's good to see that this album is much better. It's more polished than the previous album, the songs are great and there is no weak song to be found. This album isn't just good, but it's fantastic and it's one of Al's best albums although I can't say it's better than Dare to be Stupid. It's still a classic though. 10/10

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