Gandhi II

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After seeing Ghandi II in the song tournament, go vote if you haven't, I noticed there is no discussion of it! It's one my favs on UHF. I think it is underrated. What do you think?!

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Post by DonnaNoble »

I love this song... if you can call it that...

ITs so sick and messed up its wonderful :inlove:
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Post by Big Spoon »

I think it's funny, but it's not much of a song.
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Post by Grom »

BS = Mind reader. It really needs the visuals to make it work. As a stand-alone album track, it's slightly weird. The uncredited-almost-plagiarism of the Shaft theme is pretty awesome, though.
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Post by Seva »

Yes, you just CAN'T consider it a song, but it's great cinema parody nonetheless. *Give me a steak, medium rare!* - brilliant, the higher level of comedy. :lol:

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Post by TMBJon »

There's no doubt this is one of his funniest clips. In fact, I would love to see it return to the concert video sequences. It's way funnier than most of his AL-TV bits that are in there now...

You're right that it doesn't really stand on its own as audio. Although, I do like it if it comes up on my Shuffle. I guess because I like envisioning Jay Levey shooting up the place at the end.
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Post by HappyGilmore »

It's an album track I usually skip, but it's a great segment to see in the movie. It's funny.
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