She Drives Like Crazy

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I don't think taking a few minutes to answer five questions is much of a distraction.
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well i havn't seen a new ask al since 06, and thats probably before al started working on ALbum 13... anyways lets get back on topic
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that song is dangerous to listen to in the car
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barglenawdlezouzman @ January 25, 2009 06:34 pm wrote: well i havn't seen a new ask al since 06, and thats probably before al started working on ALbum 13... anyways lets get  back on topic
Obviously, you weren't looking closely enough.

Ask Al from June 9, 2007

Anyway, I like this song. I liked the original, too.
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So awesome!

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Re: She Drives Like Crazy

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I love this song despite it being riddled with outdated stereotypes :D

"She drives like crazy....she's got a death wish I think!"
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Re: She Drives Like Crazy

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LMFAO.... I've gotta say, I hate the spam bots, BUT, I can't help but note how perfect it is, a spam bot posting about car insurance in "She Drives Like Crazy" XD.


Does your lady friend Drive like she is playing bumper cars? Is she so bad at driving that even hitchhikers just say no? Then you need INSURANCE!


Al should sell that to progressive. XD I can just see Flo doing a commercial, driving like crazy. XD

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