Generic Blues

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Orthography Enthusiast @ Sep 15 2004, 02:05 AM wrote: I thought it was "an only child"... :huh:
It was. ;)

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Post by HilaryJean21 »

I remember lmao when I heard this the first time. My favorite line is "I'd flush myself right down the toilet, but I'd just clog up the drain..." friggitydiggty hilarious. :clap:
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I've always like this song, but it was never my favorite. The three lines about his family are really funny.
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I wonder if Al has ever considered recording more blues songs.

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Re: Generic Blues

Post by Wizzerkat »

Ok, a lot of people crap on *this* Al song, but I freakin' LOVE it! Lately I have actually been playing it on purpose instead of waiting until it shows up in the shuffle on the MP3 player. I actually only recently got the whole UHF soundtrack, so listening to this song often is new to me believe it or not. This is one of my fave Al songs of the moment!
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Re: Generic Blues

Post by mrmeadows »

I'm also a big fan of this song. Kind of underrated. A great hybrid of a blues satire and just plain nonsense song.

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Re: Generic Blues

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I still remember getting Permanent Record that one Christmas (When I still had only a few Al cassettes) and this was the one song I hadn't heard at that point that blew me away the most.

Still absolutely love it
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Re: Generic Blues

Post by HappyGilmore »

This is, honestly, in my top 5 Al songs. Definitely.

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Re: Generic Blues

Post by Grom »

Add me to the list of people who really love this song. Not only is it the best blues song ever, but it's also every blues song ever.
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Re: Generic Blues

Post by TMBJon »

The only blues song better than this one is by "Blind Lemon" Yankovic.
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