Money For Nothing / Beverly Hillbillies

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Post by modular »

OK, I think this song should have a topic because of the quality of its video. To show what I mean, here are some pics.


The left being Beverly Hillbillies, the right being Money for Nothing.
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Post by TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles »

WOW. That's similar. What I like about Al is that he can parody the video almost frame by frame [Mentioned in the UHF commentary], ala Florence Henderson being Michelle Phifer. [SP?]
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Post by Kitten »

Nice Pics! I didnt really like the sond until i heard it a consert! It was great!

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Post by anthontherun »

I listened to this song too much when I was younger and now I really don't listen to it at all.
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Post by drnick954 »

Beverly Hillbillies isnt my favorite song of his, but i do like the guitar solo at the beginning
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Post by soxfanvt »

Wow....I never saw the Dire Straits video.....He sure did a good job parodying both the song and video

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Post by Kevbo1987 »

Al was dead on with the parody and the video. I really like the song. I think it was very cleverly written.
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Post by algonacchick »

Man, I heard Money for Nothing a lot, and saw that video a lot, too, so I was impressed with Al's parody of both the song and the video! Very well done!

4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

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So awesome!

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Post by Bruce the Duck »

It's not one of his best parodies and probably my least favorite lead song, but his imitation of the video was extremely well done. And the guitar solo at the beginning sounds even better than on the original. I guess Mark gets better the more he performs the song. ;)

I love how the second to bottom set of picturs modular posted are practically IDENTICAL except for the outline of Al's glasses. :lol:

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Post by Manda »

I don't mind this song. The video is great. Its ok to listen too once in a while. I like the guitar solo in the beginning. I also think its better then the original.
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