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Re: UHF Score

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It's good news but it needs to be taken as a small update for now as we keep our excitement level and on the safe side.

I contacted MGM Music and Jay Levey expressing interest in how we can best advocate for the score getting its own album.

MGM Music responded. There is interest at the studio to get the score released as an album although it's too soon to tell as they are looking into the rights.

Meanwhile WeirdoJace and I have been talking and we agree it's best we be prepared to show passion and interest at some point in case interest on the studio's part changes. Hashtags and tweets and such. However, let's wait a little bit for any news on it.

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Re: UHF Score

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I would be glad to purchase this if it's released. Please share any petitions or whatever as this progresses.
Thanks, Johnny!
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