Isle Thing

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Bruce the Duck @ October 12, 2008 05:38 pm wrote: I wanted to bump this topic because it's getting voted out of the rap song Survivor poll pretty early. That surprises me because this has always been one of my favorite television oriented songs. As far as the "classic TV show" songs, I think it's easily the best one for a bunch of reasons.

It has the best jokes about the actual show. "The Brady Bunch" just talks about how he can't stand the show - no specific jokes about the show itself. MFN/BH* is just the lyrics to the theme song. "Ricky" and "Bedrock Anthem" remain as the only other two classic sitcom songs, and neither of them are as funny as "Isle Thing" in my opinion.

Because of its rap style, it manages to get in far more lyrics, and a lot more specific jokes about the show. Plus I think the juxtaposition of a rapper rapping about something like Gilligan's Island is funny in and of itself.

I would have thought the song would be more popular than it is. I guess maybe it's just that it's been overshadowed by the many newer, fresher rap hits, like "Pentiums," "Nerdy," and "Amish Paradise."
Exactly my opinion, too. Very underappreciated as a song.
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Eh, I'm not to big of a fan of this song. But that's just me. I never really liked the original.
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Re: Isle Thing

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Unfortunately this is probably my least favorite Weird Al songs ever.
The rest of the album is great though.

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Re: Isle Thing

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Yeah, I agree this one is pretty boring. Simple parody for Al, and the lyrics are cool but musically it is not great. One of the worst parodies, much worse than Alimony!
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