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Re: Bite Me

Post by SpukiKitty »

Hello, I'm brand new here. I have heard that if you slow down "Bite Me" 800% after reversing it, you can hear a song by this other recording artist named David Hallyday. Well, I tried to slow it down on Audacity at 8 x slower but I don't know if it's slow down speed and/or tempo or if it's a Paulstretch thing. I've never been able to find it done ready-made online. I would love to hear this hidden track inside a hidden track but I don't know what the heck I'm doing.


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Re: Bite Me

Post by minnick27 »

Never heard of this one
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Re: Bite Me

Post by Big Spoon »

I remember that coming up a few years ago on here, but I'm too lazy to look for it now.
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Re: Bite Me

Post by Well, Well, Well »

Sounds fake. It seems unlikely that anything sped up 800x is likely to sound exactly like Al screaming.
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Re: Bite Me

Post by Grom »

Wasn't it something like an echo leftover on the tape that Bite Me was recorded on or something?
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Re: Bite Me

Post by Elvis »

There was a really long discussion about this about 10 years ago. It starts here and goes on for about 20 pages and two years. Anyway it finally gets answered here.

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Re: Bite Me

Post by wafan27 »

I count myself one of the lucky few who can say they were scared :censored: -less by Bite Me. I feel honored to be part of this club. For me, I was sitting at my desk so there wasn't too much damage done. I'd love to hear some other Bite Me stories. I'm sure it woke some people up and maybe even interrupted some :hug:

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Re: Bite Me

Post by QuantumError »

This thing STILL scares me, even if I'm scanning through to the end of YDLMA with only intent being to hear this...First time I heard it was like some of the others on here, I was drifting off to sleep with this playing on my headphones.

I DO, however, still try to find ways to work this in to scaring other people..usually by listening to the album with friends and letting it just sit quietly after the silence starts here. Still pretty funny.

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Re: Bite Me

Post by mellow weasel »

I cropped it off my "You don't love me anymore" mp3 after it scared me a single time.

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Re: Bite Me

Post by WeirdMary0427 »

I never thought it would get me. I always figured that as long as I knew it existed, I would be able to avoid it. I got bit today. Was listening to "YDLMA" and got completely distracted at the very end. Scared the absolute crap out of me and my cat. :lol:

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