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Post by Wardie »

Seeing as I recently bought this (and the Bad Hair Day thread didn't fare too badly) I'd just like to call upon the members of WOWAY to give their opinions on this album.

I think it's okay but not exactly a favourite. I tend to skip over half the songs but there are a few gems on there eg I Can't Watch This.

How about you?

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Post by Driew_La_27 »

Well we already have a topic. Sort of. It was an Off the Deep End Survivor, but it's still open. Bobbi or Dave will make the final decision, but I think it could possibly go THERE.

I almost never skip over songs. In fact I even listen to Toothless People! My least favorite song on this ALbum would have to be.............. um well I'm not sure.
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Post by Bruce the Duck »

This album is one of the best! There are no bad songs on here, whatsoever! I love the whole thing. Grade A classic Al stuff here!

1. Smells Like Nirvana - one of the best parodies Al's ever done. As rockin' as the original, but twice as much fun. Superb! 10/10

2. Trigger Happy - Though the concept is borrowed from "Top Secret," it's done much better than the folks involved in that movie. The music sounds as if the Beach Boys themselves could have done it, along with the background singers. One of Al's most solid style parodies. 8/10

3. I Can't Watch This - A terrific parody. Better than CP or Cable TV. A wonderfully structured song. I love the way he uses the "commercial breaks." 9/10

4. Polka Your Eyes Out - Maybe it's because I was in middle school at the time and therefore knew every song that was used in this one, but this is definately my second favorite polka. The songs are blended together very smoothly. 9/10

5. I Was Only Kidding - Hilarious junk rock song, sounds a lot like the one hit wonder - Ugly Kid Joe. This isn't my favorite song, but I still love listening to it. I especially enjoy the false beginning and the insane musical interlude. 7/10

6. The White Stuff - Nice little parody in the same vein as many of the other food songs. Still, singing about an obsession with Oreos just strikes me as quite a bit more realistic, and therefore more humorous, than an addiction for bologna or potatoes. 7/10

7. When I Was Your Age - I love this song. The music is awesome and the lyrics STILL make me laugh to this day, even after over a decade. Very original take on a classic cliche. 10/10

8. Taco Grande - The weakest song on the album, as discussed in its own thread. Though it still has its moments, particularily the Cheech Marin bridge. 6/10

9. Airline Amy - One of the most underrated Al songs in his catalogue. The music here is just phenomenal. And the lyrics feature the more subtle brand of Al humor that you find in "Good Old Days," "Why Does This Always Happen To Me," and "Good Enough For Now." I really appreciate humor that doesn't hit you over the head with the jokes. Great song! 9/10

10. The Plumbing Song - The fact that the lyrics alone aren't that funny is irrelevant with this song. Al captured the feel of the Milli Vanilli songs expertly, as usual. I love how he combined two different songs by the artist into one parody, something he'd never done before that, and something that I wish he'd do more of now. I also liked the reference to their other big hit, "Girl You Know It's True." What I appreciate most about this song, though, is that even though the song was written before the Milli Vanilli scandal, Al could have easily stuck in a joke or two poking fun at the scandal (such as the song suddenly skipping half-way through), but he chose not to. 7/10

11. You Don't Love Me Anymore - Brilliantly written song with some of the most beautiful music Al's ever written. This song could easily pass as a serious love song with only a few minor changes, namely the lyrics! :P Great song! 10/10

12. Bite Me - Scares the crap out of me every time! Yes, it's a great gag on the album, but as a song...not so much. Still, I'd rather listen to 15 minutes of Al screaming at the top of his lungs, than have to listen to 10 seconds of "Syndicated Inc." 6/10

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Post by TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles »

Wardie @ May 15 2004, 01:30 AM wrote: Seeing as I recently bought this (and the Bad Hair Day thread didn't fare too badly) I'd just like to call upon the members of WOWAY to give their opinions on this album.

I think it's okay but not exactly a favourite. I tend to skip over half the songs but there are a few gems on there eg I Can't Watch This.

How about you?
This was my 3rd ALbum that I picked up from the record store(got this and Polka Party together from my grandma). It's a pretty much eh Album. Let me explain.

Smells Like Nirvana- 10/10: BEST PARODY OF THE ALBUM!
Trigger Happy-10/10: GREAT Beach Boys style parody!
Can't Watch This- 8/10- Eh, the parodies get worse as this album goes on.
Polka Your Eyes Out- 10/10: One of his best polkas.
I was Only Kidding- 9/10: It seemed a little like a forced twisted love song. A little loud, also.
The White Stuff- 0/10: I haven't gotten through this song yet because I HATE IT!
When I was Your Age- 5/10: Sort of funny lyrics, but gets boring after a while.
Taco Grande- 6/10- Eh, good effort.
Airline Amy- 7/10: Makes up for The Skippable stuff back there.
Plumbing Song- 5/10: Seems a little outdated because it's a Mille Vanille parody and they were shut down in... 91? or 89? (how they were found out was SO funny)
YDLMA- 10/10- THIS is the twisted love song of the album. Excellent, hilarious lyrics, great guitar, and Robert Goulet getting his tuxedo all ruined in the video makes this one the best.

EDIT- Eh. I corrected my Taco Grande review.

Bite Me- No rating- Didn't scare me because I FAST FOWARDED IT to Bite Me.

In All, most of the parodies were pretty weak, and most of the originals held up this album.
I'm never gonna use the abbreviation of "Bite Me" ever.
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Post by algonacchick »

Wow, two very different views of OTDE. I like this cd. I only have one song that I have a problem with. Not that it's not a good song, it just kind of goes on for too long. I like it, but I have to be in the right mood for it. That song is "When I was Your Age". It is good in that it pokes fun at all the tall tales parents tell about how things were when they were young. I just think it can drag a tad. I love the rest of the songs. It's a great cd!

4 words that Al said to me that blew me away:

"How's Problem Child doing?" - 7/12/11

So awesome!

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Post by young dumb and ugly »

hey i love listening to this was the album i needed to complete my collection! the only songs i dont like are...i cant watch this...and the plumbing song...this CD also contains my favorite polka..POLKA YOUR EYES OUT!

Sarah :Y
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Post by WEIRDALexis279 »

I love this album! In fact, I'm listening to it right now! I love almost all of the songs on this, I tend to skip over the plumbing song. But the rest of the songs are great! "Bite Me" scared me half to death!

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Post by Insert Coin(s) to Continue »

I like the CD but I think that OTDE and Alapalooza are different than most of his albums some how. I don't really know how to discribe it but they have a different feel to them.
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Post by Kitten »

I dont have OTDE but im goigng to get it and my favorite on it has to be SLN. :D

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Post by modular »

TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles @ May 15 2004, 03:22 PM wrote: (how they were found out was SO funny)

How were they found out?

(Also, you contradicted yourself. Read your opinions on The White Stuff and then Taco Grande...)
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