I Can't Watch This

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Re: I Can't Watch This

Post by Killingsworth »

Gee, I figured it would be implied that CWT is better lyrically than Syndicated (I mean, at least the former contains some actual attempts at jokes and humor unlike the latter and is more conisiStent in terms of quality but whatever).
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Re: I Can't Watch This

Post by Yankomaniac »

I agree with that too, CWT has more jokes, and they may be better but Sydicated has it's own comedic feel too with him mentioning lame shows and the fact he is most comfortable watching them than doing anything else. They both are music to my ears, love to hear both anytime, but that accordion sound was captured really well on that recording, it is undeniable!
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Re: I Can't Watch This

Post by TMBJon »

Yankomaniac wrote:the fact he is most comfortable watching them than doing anything else
Yes!! This is the secret ingredient that makes Syndicated Inc so good!
Al has a lot of songs where he rants about how mindless and stupid TV can be; Syndicated Inc is a true ode to binge watching, almost 20 years ahead of its time. It's funny in the Skipper Dan way where it's more about the overall theme of the song rather than a string of rhyming jokes.
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Re: I Can't Watch This

Post by LaikaComeHome »

I haven't heard this song since middle school. Admittedly, it is one of his weaker songs, lyrically speaking.

Funny enough, before I knew this song, I mockingly sang "Can't Watch This" because every time my 12 year old self walked through the living room, my mom would be "You can't watch this/that's innapropriate/cover your eyes Kelly" it's like gimme a break mom!

(Wow, I can't believe LifeAlert was around in the 90's.........)
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