Bohemian Polka

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As much as I love "Bohemian Rhapsody", this hasn't really been a favorite of mine.

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I knew of the original when I heard it, so I brought it on a trip with some friends to Atlanta, GA to go to Six Flags Over Georgia. They knew and liked the original version, so it was even better. When the song came up, it blew everyone's minds. But so did Bedrock Anthem and Living In The Fridge. They became some of the favorites of my friends. Especially Bedrock Anthem.

With that, I turned in some new casual fans. haha.
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Bohemian Polka is an absolute masterpiece. Al kept in touch with all the key changes and instrument patterns - and it's nothing else but terribly funny. The most amazingly crazy track I ever heard. :lol:

And I dare say it's a polka parody.

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Pardon me if this has been posted before, but here's a really well done Pirate Polka video, wherein Bohemian Polka meets Pirates of the Caribbean. Enjoy!
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Thanks, Patti!
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That was awesome! Two of my favorites. Weird Al and POTC!!

Thanks, Helen!
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So awesome!

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:lol: That was great.
And Peggy

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Re: Bohemian Polka

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I love this version, especially the super-falsetto "GALILEO! GALILEO! MAGNIFIC-FIGAROOOOOOOO!"
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