Livin' In The Fridge

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Post by scottidog »

I was watching the Aerosmith version the other day, and it would have been a tough video for Al to parody any more than he did. He really kept all the funny visual stuff, and the rest of it would have been difficult to make funny. Even for Al.

Still, I wouldn't mind a video of Al in spandex... :9~

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Post by Cha Cha »

Hello people,

I think I can post this here bear with me i'm new.

But the video for that song; Living In The Fridge, the video I have of it is a bunc of cartoon (I pressume Anime) characters, was that before a TV programme thing? hehehehe Same for Pretty Fly for a Rabbi, thankies people ^_^


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Post by Manda »

The video (actually clip) of Living in the Fridge, wasn't a cartoon. It was on his Saturday morning tv show, called the Weird Al Show. You can see it on UVC, the clip that is. I'm not sure what cartoon you're talking about for Pretty Fly for a Rabbi? :huh:
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Post by algonacchick »

Sounds like somebody made their own video for both of those songs. I don't know where you saw these, but Al never did a clip for PFFAR, and Manda already mentioned the small video clip from TWAS.

The only thing I can think of that you're talking about was the animated opening for TWAS. But, the only song used for that was The Weird Al Show theme.
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So awesome!

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Post by Cha Cha »

Ah, thankies for clearing that up :)

Just thought it was cool animation :D

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Post by iancook »

I have found whilst trying to download music videos off the internet that there are quite a few people that make these Anime videos to put to all different types of songs, so it was one of those.

When the song "living on the Edge" first came out, I kind of liked it, but it got irritating really fast. That's one of the reasons I like LITF, it's more listenable to me than the original song.

Although I don't watch Mad TV anymore (becase it's really lame) I remember they had a really funny Aerosmith parody that merged like three songs from one Aerosmith album because all the songs sounded the same. It went something like "Crying, crazy cause i'm Amazing for you baby" Funny stuff. = Keep Star Trek on the air!

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Post by WeirdMichaelFreddyJasonfan »

At almost the ending of LITF you can hear someone say "disinfectant" It is so hilarious! But you probably need earphones to hear it. :D

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Post by badgerate22beans »

Because of Livin in the Fridge, Aerosmith is one of my favorite bands
I think Al should make more Aerosmith parodies in the future
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Post by twinkieweinersandwiches24_7 »

Definitely my favorite parody on Alapalooza. Besides Bedrock Anthem, of course...and Achy Breaky Song...and Jurassic Park...oh, wait...nevermind. :rolleyes:
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Post by jilly7902 »

This might be a really stupid question, but what is he saying in the background during the chorus? Not "it's livin' in the fridge" and not "you can't stop the mold from growin'" but the little phrase behind it that kinda sounds like "dassin-to-ma-ran." I've turned the volume up really loud and played it like a bazillion times, but I just can't figure it out.
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