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by RunningWithScissors » Thu Jan 04, 2018 8:02 pm

Let me tell you something about Traffic Jam. I note that Iancook said it doesn't sound at all like prince.

So, I was born in 86, so I'm younger, but I've loved 80s music since I was 12 or so (Because of The Wedding Singer, started me with a huge 80s obsession) But I only heard, for a long time, a few prince songs, like 1999, when doves cry, and purple rain. Well...

I used to work at Taco Bell for way too many years than I'd like to admit, and for a lot of the time we would listen to 80s music on XM, well, I was out cleaning the lobby, and.... Lets Go Crazy came on, and I FLIPPED OUT. I was excited and confused because, I thought he never got permission to do a Prince parody, and by my first listen, I REALLY thought it was an exact parody. Now I realize it was just a style parody, but IMO at least, most of the song sounds EXACTLY like prince!!
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