The "alapalooza" Review Thread!

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Post by Yank27 »

Themagic#27 @ May 17 2004, 03:21 PM wrote: Harvey The Wonder Hamster: Short, but horrendously cute, like the TWAS mascot it came to create around four years later. 10/10!
Harvey was in the very first AL-TV special back in 1984, so he's been around a lot longer than you may think!

Alapalooza isnt one of my all time favorites, but a true gem none the less. 7/10.
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Post by Jenny »

(I could swear I've already reviewed this...but I can't seem to find it posted anywhere. So, here goes nothin'!)

Jurassic Park: Al's vocals here are great. The music is very well done, the roars sound like they came right from the movie, and the lyrics are spot-on. 10/10

Young, Dumb, And Ugly: TRUBEL! Yeah, this is a good song. Fun to sing with. Kind of breaks my "fav is the 2nd song on the album" trend, but I do like it. Al's voice is great here: angry white boyish, lol. 8/10

Bedrock Anthem: This song is interesting in that the more I hear it, the more I like and appreciate it. Getting those lyrics to fit into the original song must have been tough but Al did an outstanding job. So much so that whenever I hear Give it Away Now, I think , "Hmm...that's just not flowing very well" LOL! Great concert song as well. 10/10

Frank's 2000" TV: Why do I love this song? Is it the concept? The layered vocals? The 2 year warrenty on parts and labor? I dunno. But I love it! 10/10

Achy Breaky Song: Al, on behalf of everyone who has had to listen to the original song one too many times, I would like to kiss your feet for making this parody. Thank you! Oh, so cathartic and oh so funny! 9/10

Traffic Jam: Great. Excellent. Funny. This is my "second song" :P 10/10

Talk Soup: I yodel in the nude. Okay. What else do you need in a song? I'm just your average schitzophrenic nymphomaniac albino go-go dancer, you see. Haha. Really plays on the attention seeking that goes on. 10/10

Livin' In The Fridge: I like this song. Especially..."Well maybe I should take another peak......creeeaaaak....AAAAGGGGHHH!!!" ROFL. 9/10

She Never Told Me She Was A Mime: You know, I can't even read the title without giggling. Funny song. I particularly like how he punctuates the joke with a lyrical pause (meaning music only)'s very effective. 9/10 (PS: does anyone else ever hear this song and think of the music to "Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White"? To me, they seem similar.)

Harvey The Wonder Hamster: Ooookay. I never got on the Harvey bandwagon. I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm sure it's my fault. I'm terribly sorry. It's funny and Um, ....8/10.

Waffle King: You know, this one grew on me. At first, I was like...What?? But I enjoy it now. 8/10.

Bohemian Polka: Anyway the wind, anyway the wind, anyway the wind blows, Hey! 10/10.
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Post by Driew_La_27 »

Wow, Jenny, that must be your favorite ALbum! :rolleyes:

Nothing below an 8!
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Post by Themagic#27 »

^_^ It's a pretty good ALbum, but not the best. I think BHD and OTDE are better. I plan on buying BHD next! WOO! Or Poodle Hat, but it's more expensive, so I dunno!

((On another note, eleven posts ago, I had 27! Why didn't I think to say anything, huh?!?))
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Post by drnick954 »

Jurrasic Park- it gets worse each time you hear it 7/10

Young Dumb and Ugly- I like this song 8/10

Bedrock Anthem- Beginning 9.5/10 Rest 6.5/10

Franks 2000" TV- Not the best on the album, but a few thing made me laugh 8/10

Achy Breaky Song- Very Funny, and i also like the sound effects 9/10

Traffic Jam- Not bad, with a good guitar solo 7/10

Talk Soup- What happened here? Definitely needed an instrumental break to make up for the awful lyrics

Livin in the fridge-Best on the ALbum 10/10

She never told me she was a mime- eh. 6/10

Harvey The wonder hamster- Read above

Waffle King- See above and above that

Bohemian Polka- Very well done, but Bohemian Rhapsody has a slight edge
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Post by Conor »

1. Jurrasic Park 4/10 Don't really like this
2. Young Dumb And Ugly 10/10 Awesome song.
3. Bedrock Anthem 10/10 unique.
4. Frank's 2000" TV 7/10 its an ok song
5. Achy Breaky Song 3/10 i used to love this song. now its getting as annoying as achy breaky heart.
6. Traffic Jam 5/10
7. Talk Soup 3/10
8. Livin In The Fridge 10/10 VERRY FUNNEEE!!!
9. She Never Told Me She Was A Mime 2/10
10. Harvey The Wonder Hamster 10/10 BEST SONG ON THIS CD!
11. Waffle King 6/10
12. Bohemian Polka 9/10 Very Good.
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Post by Driew_La_27 »

Conor @ Oct 24 2004, 08:03 AM wrote: 5. Achy Breaky Song 3/10 i used to love this song. now its getting as annoying as achy breaky heart.
:lol: That's the point.
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Post by mrmeadows »

JURASSIC PARK: Kind of a boring song to write a parody to, and I'm not a huge fan of the film, to boot. Strange choice for the lead-off parody on this album, since it's only mildly funny, and most people don't even remember "MacArthur Park" anymore. 6.5/10

YOUNG, DUMB & UGLY: I think it's pretty funny, although there was a comedian named Fred Stoller who did a comedy routine very similar to this ("Yeah, I returned a movie to the video store yesterday. . .and I DIDN'T REWIND IT! That's right! I'm a rebel!", and so on.) Still, Al's AC/DC style take on it is funny and his vocals are good. 8/10

BEDROCK ANTHEM: Love the "Under the Bridge" intro, and then I'm sort of iffy on the "Give it Away" portion. I thought it was a really funny idea when I first heard it, but it's grown to be a tad annoying to me. I suppose it's still a good parody idea, but I'm not the biggest fan anymore. It probably doesn't help that the local LA rock station (KROQ) seems to play "Give it Away" every freakin' hour to the point you never want to hear from the Chili Peppers ever again!!! 7/10

FRANK'S 2000" TV: Great original, and not too far off base considering the behemoths you can cart out of Costco these days. Al's vocals are pitch-perfect on this one, too. 9/10

ACHY BREAKY SONG: Funny stuff. I always love when Al makes fun of the song itself. Say what you will, but you gotta love Billy Ray Cyrus for allowing Al to go forward with this one. . .it's a pretty ruthless song! 10/10

TRAFFIC JAM: Not crazy about this one. Nice working in "Let's Go Crazy", but the subject matter is so pedestrian (no pun intended) that. . .who cares? Probably runner up for my least favorite Al parody after IWOK. 3.5/10

TALK SOUP: I can see people not liking this one, but it's alright. A little repetitive (I definitely would have shortened it), but considering it was sort of a "commissioned" song (originally intended to be the theme for the E! show of the same name), it gets the job done. "Jerry Springer" is better, but this one isn't bad. Not great, either. 6/10

LIVIN' IN THE FRIDGE: Yeah, I like it. Kind of wish Al would have gone with a different song to parody Aerosmith with (I feel the same way about his U2 parody choice), but this one works well. A song about leftovers going bad? Heck yeah! 7.5/10

SHE NEVER TOLD ME SHE WAS A MIME: I used to not care for this one, but it's one of them many Al songs that has managed to grow on me. I like a lot of the "silent treatment" gags, even if they are predictable. And it's pretty strong musically, too. Someone mentioned that it's reminiscent of "Stuck in a Closet with Vanna White". Yes, but it's way better. 8/10

HARVEY THE WONDER HAMSTER: Nice bonus track. Can't get overly excited about it, but I'm glad it's on the album. 6.5/10

WAFFLE KING: Great song! Kinda underrated, it seems, but I love it! Here's a guy that made his fortune making waffles, and he's being a pushy, arrogant jerk about it! That's absurdist comedy at it's best! As a bonus, it's a great Peter Gabriel style-parody as well! The only bummer was when I bought this album, it was kind of redundant to include this track since it was on the B-side of the SLN single. Oh well. Still, 9.5/10

BOHEMIAN POLKA: I had been hoping Al would parody this song before the album came out, and he did me one better: he polka-fied it! I think this was a brilliant choice, and I wouldn't have done it differently. A great polka. . .one of his best. 10/10

OVERALL: Based on the ratings I gave this, I'm surprised it doesn't rate higher overall for me. I dunno. Some good stuff on here as stand-alone songs, but if you have to rate the grouping of songs on the album, this one just doesn't quite gel the way some of his others do (if that makes any sense!) For some reason, this album doesn't get played much by me, even though there are some classic songs here. 7/10
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Post by minnick27 »

I pulled this album out for the first time in a long long time. Now I know why it has been so long. Although this is the first "new" album I had bought, it is my least favorite album. I actually lost my original copy and had to buy it again, but that was a couple years after I lost it, so I was Alapalooza-less for 2-3 years. I remember being excited when I got it because it had been so long since I had heard it, but when I listened again I was extremely depressed. I guess it is just the only album that didnt age well for me, I listened to it constantly when I got it, but it just became sort of meh for me.

Jurasic Park- 9/10 I liked the song and video and movie, but for a lead parody it didnt work for me. I understand why, but I think LITF should have been the lead with this as second. I did however like it live when Al sat down and started reading the paper while the Clay Al went down the dinosaurs throat.

Y,D&U- 3/10 - Never liked AC/DC either.

Bedrock Anthem- 7/10 My least favorite song ever when I heard it originally. Probably because I was the only person who was not a RHCP fan, but it grew on me, especially after seeing it live.

Franks 2000" TV - 6/10 I love the idea of being able to watch the Simpsons from 30 blocks away. Also one of the frist songs I learned by heart, but by singing it so much it kinda lost its appeal.

Achy Breaky Song- 8/10- Hated the original, but loved the parody, something very rare for me. I usually like the songs Al did, but I was not a country fan at the time. But since it talked about other artists I could deal with it.

Trafic Jam - 9/10 - One of Al's best originals IMHO

Talk Soup - 2/10 - I thought I liked it until I re-listened.

Livin In The Fridge - 9/10 Should have been the lead, or at least had a video, although I understand why it did not.

SNTMSWAM- 7/10 Everyone loves a good Marcel Marceau joke.

Harvey The Wonder Hamster - .5/10 Should have remained on AlTv where it belongs.

Waffle King- 8/10 Kind of stupid song, but I always liked it. Even after I got in trouble for singing "Listen pal, you can kiss my royal butt" in front of my friends sister.

Bohemian Polka- 3/10 Polka MEDLEY. The joke got old after a minute or so. I want a bunch of songs polkafied, not just one.
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Post by GrayJ »

Jurassic Park - 10/10 - Awesome! Hilarious lyrics, and great instrumental sections!
Young, Dumb and Ugly - 9/10 - Also a great song, when I played it to my dad, he said, "Hey, is that AC/DC?". :P
Bedrock Anthem - 10/10 - One of my favs, but why didn't Jim West do the guitar solo? Why, Jim Why? :(
Frank's 2000" TV - 7/10 - OK song, not all that great, but catchy lyrics. I'm not a R.E.M. fan.
Achy Breaky Song - 5/10 - I don't have a feel for country.
Traffic Jam - 10/10 - Great! I knew Al had to do Prince sometime, even if it wasn't a direct parody.
Talk Soup - 7/10 - Meh. Odd song, but I know this style parodies Genesis or Peter Gabriel.
Livin' In The Fridge - 8/10 - Pretty cool, never thought that he could do Aerosmith.
She Never Told Me She Was A Mime - 3/10 - Worst song on the album. Sounds like "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith.
Harvey the Wonder Hamster - Harvey/10 - Hey, Harvey!
Waffle King - 8/10 - Gabriel again.
Bohemian Polka - 10/10 - Very catchy and funny! I just have to sing along every time I play it! :lol:
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