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Re: Bad Hair Day Song By Song Review

Postby YankoSwag 8888 » Sun May 08, 2016 11:38 pm

Amish Paradise 10/10 - Classic Al.
Everything You Know Is Wrong 8.5/10 A nice happy TMBG style parody that's fun to sing along to.
Cavity Search 10/10 A great very underrated parody.
Callin' In Sick 9/10 A good rock song a bit to much auto-tune.
The Alternative Polka 9/10 A great polka. :accordion:
Since You've been gone 9/10 Hilarious break up song with a great twist that stopped it from being a short One More Minute.
Gump 9/10 A nice quick song about the bench sitter.
I'm So Sick Of You 6/10 A bad dis track. :bad:
Syndicated INC. 7/10 It's OK. :potato:
I Remember Larry 8/10 A list song with a story to tell.
Phony Calls 8.5/10 I love how he used a Simpsons clip during the bridge.
The Night Santa Went Crazy 7/10 It's growing on me I like it better in concert.
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