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Post by Manda »

I like this song! Its good I always think of this song when I'm in the denist chair. My least favorite place to be btw. The drill sounds are cool, I thought it was cool that he used a real drill.
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Post by Akrovak »

It's not my favorite Al song, but it is pretty clever. I remember the first time I heard it, and the drills kicked in, I actually felt a shiver go up my spine (like Manda, the dentist chair is not one of my favorite places). Good song overall.

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Post by Seva »

Personally, I love that song. When I heard it at the first time, I thought it was fair, until I've heard the ENDING - the product of a pure musical comedy genius. It's even funnier than the lyrics. :lol:

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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

I love Cavity Search, afterall I loved it enought to perform it at AlCon 3. :D I always loved it before then and who knew after I performed it, it became my theme song for the summer of 2002.

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Post by Conor »

it's an ok song.
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

CS is a pretty good song. It's definitely funny! It's not one of Al's best, but it's still very good.
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Post by modular »

Pretty good song, the drill doesn't freak me out because I've never heard it in real life :D but the musak at the end is excellent.
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Post by AMFilms »

I LOVE Cavity Search. LOVE it.
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Post by crazygurl14 »

Cavity Serch is one of Al's best songs. It is the rare song where everyone in my family likes and always wants to replay when they hear it. My mom, my sister and i always sayy that this is my uncles and my dads song because they've had some pretty intresting stories from their dentist visits.
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Post by sailorsilver84 »

I nearly fell out of my chair laughing the first time I heard this all the way through. I've never had a cavity, but the horror stories I hear from my family and friends is enough to make me imagine while I'm listening. It's a GREAT song!
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