Amish Paradise

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amreallylikespoodles @ February 27, 2009 06:47 am wrote: That's funny, because when I sing Amish Paradise I kind of sound like a dog.
You sound better than I do Am.

I probably sound like a duck or something.
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Post by DonnaNoble »

Both you got me beat.... I sound like an awkward teenager who can't sing!!!
Oh snap!

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Post by MidnightStar »

Lol! I am an awkward teenager who can't sing!

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by Big Spoon »

I just got the "Turn the other cheek" line. Wow, do I feel retarded.
And Peggy

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by amzo39 »

Was in the shower when it got leaked. almost spinned my ankle & dead with my head crack opened #StealMyGirlLeaked #StealMyGirlIsPerfect

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by JohnnyLurg »

I always wondered whether any Amish people were pop culture-savvy enough to be offended by "Amish Paradise." Thankfully, I (kind of) got an answer to this query in an interview with Al from a September 2010 issue of Dave Eggers' The Believer:

WAY: And again this was sort of an isolated incident, but I was doing an in-store appearance I think in Pennsylvania abot the time that "Amish Paradise" had come out, and somebody threw an egg or something in protest. [Laughs] But I'm not sure if that was an angry Amish person.
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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by anthontherun »

They should play it for Amish people during their rumspringas. Weird Al alone would be enough to make me be like, "See ya later, Lancaster County!"

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by minnick27 »

I can almost guarantee that every Amish youth on Rumspringa hears this song. I just wonder if they enjoy it.

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by weird user »

Something that's just recently hit me is that while Al has provided "take that!"-type humor to certain people who have denied permission or prevented certain things (including Prince on many occasions, Emeniem in the 2003 Al-TV, and Atlanta Records in the White and Nerdy video), Al has never really done such humor regarding Coolio. Though yes, I realize that Al did not intentionally do the parody without Coolio's permission and never really had a problem with Coolio.

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Re: Amish Paradise

Post by Bruce the Duck »

They've since "made up" as well, so I don't think Al has any hard feelings towards him. The only artists Al has really made fun of afterwards is Prince and Eminem, and he only mocked Eminem in that one interview.

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