Running With Scissors Song By Song Review

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1. The Saga Begins - Pretty good. My, my this here Anikin guy... 7/10

2. My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder - This one has grown on me. 8/10

3. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi - Pretty cool. And he hardly makes fun of Jews. 8/10

4. The Weird Al Show Theme - Good, gets repetitive after a lot of listens. 7/10

5. Jerry Springer - "Baby, I've been sleeping with your sister." 9/10

6. Germs - Meh. 6/10

7. Polka Power! - One of the weaker Polkas. 5/10

8. Your Horiscope for Today - Hilarious! Virgos for the win! 9/10

9. All About the Pentiums - Blah. It gets a 6 for the video. 6/10

10. Truck Driving Song - It's not too bad. 6.5/10

11. Grapefruit Diet - Being a fan of 'Zuit Suit Riot', I have to give this a good rating. 8/10

12. Albuquerque - And he's like "Tough." And I'm like, "Give it." And he's like "Make me." And I'm like "Kay." 10/10
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just a comment, as a HUUUUUUUUUUGE BNL fan i have to disagree about Al singing "Jerry Springer" and it being sped up. the song is bout 6 seconds shorter than the original, but then again there's more silence at the end of One Week. and i've heard One Week song faster (including myself back in my hayday...or when i got the album and learned all the lyrics), most noticibly the Barenaked Summer's Night PPV. the song, again, finishes 6 seconds quicker than the original (i'm looking from an mp3 stand point) and there's another 6-10 seconds of crowd noise prior to the start of the song. so definitely MUCH faster than the album version.
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I love RWS. I give the whole thing a big fat 10! With extra points for Albuquerque!

Here's why:

1. The Saga Begins ~ I loved American Pie as a kid, and I love Al's parody of it.

2. My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder ~ I found the title alone to be humorous, and the song, even moreso. Eddie Vedder scares the crap out of me, so the idea of any woman being in love with him was a bit disturbing, but funny as well.

3. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi ~ Al took a sort of funny song by The Offspring and made it funnier. Lots funnier.

4. The Weird Al Show Theme ~ Sure it was used on TWAS, and those who got to see the show got to hear it plenty of times, but I hadn't seen the show yet, and thought the song was cute. ^_^

5. Jerry Springer ~ Love BNL, love Al. Both the original and the parody are funny songs, and it just works. Besides, Jerry Springer was asking for it. The fact that he didn't like the song makes it even funnier. Truth hurts, huh, Jerry?

6. Germs ~ Love the industrial rock sound, the whole germophobe thang, and seeing it in concert really clinched it for me.

7. Polka Power ~ I like this polka. Sure, some of the songs were lame, but when they're polkafied, look out! Plus, the sped up clips they showed in concert made it even funnier.

8. Your Horoscope for Today ~ It was time for astrology to be made fun of in song. Plus, my horoscope is pretty ridiculous. *I'm an Aries* :lol:

9. It's All About the Pentiums ~ I was not exactly computer savvy when the song came out, but, as I learned, I got more of the jokes. Love it! Plus, the MSS in concert. Need I say more?

10. Truck Driving Song ~ The idea of a cross-dressing truck driver is pretty darn funny. Plus, the deep voice sounded amazing. I kind of like to imagine a big, burly guy driving a truck, and dressed as a woman. Makes it much funnier than trying to imagine Al that way. Don't want that image in my head!

11. Grapefruit Diet ~ Sure, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies didn't really go anywhere, but they were part of the big swing comeback that was so brilliantly started by Brian Setzer. Al's song is a lot more fun, plus, if a song makes me wanna be-bop around the house while I'm cleaning, it gets top marks from me.

12. Albuquerque ~ An 11 minute, 22 second long hilarious rant. What's not to like? I usually start laughing *as I'm trying to sing/speak along* once I get to the screaming, and the part about runnin', runnin', runnin' like a constipated weiner dog.

Clearly, one of Al's best. Possibly the best.
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So awesome!

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My top 5 favorite songs from RWS are as follows...

5. Jerry Springer
4. It's All About The Pentiums
3. The Weird Al Show Theme
2. Albuquerque

and my number one favorite song from Running With Scissors is...

1. Pretty Fly For A Rabbi

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Post by massivifan »

1. The Saga Begins-8/10: It could have made a better music video, but I'll give it a 8 anyway
2. My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder-7/10: It has a really catchy rhythm, and i don't think anyone else could make Generation X rhyme with sexy.
3. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi-10/10: Probably my favorite song on the album.
4. The Weird Al Show Theme-7/10: Short, but it's funny.
5. Jerry Springer-6/10: Pretty explicit for a Weird Al song.
6. Germs-7/10: I love the fact that it sounds relatively like Closer by Nine Inch Nails.
7. Polka Power-9/10: If he put Bitterseet Symphony on there, I would have gave it a 10.
8. Your Horoscope For Today-8/10: I absolutely love Ska.
9. It's All About the Pentiums-7/10: "You're just about as useful as jpegs to Helen Keller"
10. Truck Drivin' Song-9/10: I don't think anyone else could make a Johnny Cash style song about a transvestite truck driver like this.
11. Grapefruit Diet-8/10: The jokes in this song are almost as funny as the ones in Fat.
12. Albuquerque-9/10: Prize for the longest Weird Al song ever. Now that I think about it... I like this as much/better than Dare to be Stupid...

Overall rating:9/10
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1. The Saga Begins - A simply brilliant parody. It captures the sound of American Pie extremely well and brilliantly tells the story of Star Wars, Episode 1 at the same time.

2. My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder - A great original. But compared to the others on the ALbum, it's pretty weak. But it's still a great song.

3. Pretty Fly For A Rabbi - A great parody. It's extremely funny and clever. Great parody of Judaism without getting offensive.

4. The Weird Al Show Theme - This is a great song, but it was just reused from the show, so it wasn't anything special.

5. Jerry Springer - I love this song. In my mind, this is one of (if not the) greatest parody of Al's. Definitely in my top 5 if I had to make a list of my favorite Al songs.

6. Germs - A great original. It captures NIN style really well. I usually drift from loving this song, to disliking it. But overall it is a really funny original.

7. Polka Power! - This was the first polka I ever heard, so it does have that special significance to me. It's not nearly Al's best polka, but it still works really well.

8. Your Horoscope For Today - Another great original. It's really funny and clever. Being someone who reads my horoscope, it was great to hear Al have a song about it.

9. It's All About The Pentiums - I know that this song is a favorite amongst most Al fans, but personally I've never been crazy about it. And I'm not just saying that because it feels really dated now.

10. Truck Driving Song - This song has always had me laugh really hard. It's funny and works really well for what Al was going for.

11. Grapefruit Diet - A funny song. But it does seem a lot like Fat, but it's still good.

12. Albuquerque - Wow. That's all I have to say. This song still has me laughing the entire way through. In my mind, this is Al's best song. I don't care if it's a lot like Dick's Automotive, it's still extremely funny. Probably my favorite Al song of all-time.

Overall: A great CD of Al's. It was my first, so it has that special place in my heart. A few of the tracks are a little weak, but it's still a great CD.
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Post by HappyGilmore »

I liked Running With Scissors. Not my favorite album, not his worst either.

1.) The Saga Begins: I'm not a Star Wars fan, but saw Episode 1 with some friends. Hated it. Song was funny though. 6/10.

2.) My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder: I like Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam. Song wasn't bad, but felt it lacked. 5/10.

3.) Pretty Fly For A Rabbi: I love the original version, and Al's parody was hilarious. Great song. 8/10

4.) The Weird Al Show Theme: Simple enough song, plus I watched the show every week. Kind of a filler song on the album. 6.5/10

5.) Jerry Springer: I love BNL and was a big fan of the Springer show for a bit, so this was a hit on the head for me. Loved it. 7.5/10

6.) Germs: Pretty good original song. When I'm in the mood, I blare it, others, I skip it. But it was decent. 6/10

7.) Polka Power!: For me, a personal favorite polka. I was like 15 when it came out, and loved all the songs. Loved he had the Beastie's in it, and Smash Mouth. 8/10

8.) Your Horoscope for Today: I like it a bunch. Recently I've gotten a new appreciation for it, cause it's kinda ska inspired and I've gotten into it. 7.5/10

9.) It's All About The Pentiums: Good parody. The video really makes the song though, with the Emo and Drew Carey cameos.

10.) Truck Driving Song: Great original. Made the album worth the buy. But, I'm into the weird stuff, and a lot of his 'odd' originals are best. 10/10

11.) Grapefruit Diet: Good parody. I was a fan of the original and every time I hear it on the radio, I instantly sing Al's version. 8/10

12.) Albuquerque: Great song. Different at first, cause it's like a free-form type song, and long in length. Definitely worth it. 10/10

Overall, a good Al album.
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Post by weird user »

The Saga Begins Al's second-best Star Wars song. 10 stars.
My Baby's in Love with Eddie Veddar Always good to hear an accordion in an Al song. 6 stars.
Pretty Fly for a Rabbi I'm a bit surprised that this song wasn't a music video. 9 stars.
The Weird Al Show Theme Great theme song. 8 stars.
Jerry Springer Very good parody. I like the argument in the middle. 10 stars.
Germs Yayyyyy, asong about germs. Very good music style. 10 stars.
Polka Power Al's best polka medley. 10 stars.
Your Horoscope for Today Very fun song. 9 stars.
It's All About the Pentiums The music video is a lot better. 7 stars.
Truck Driving Song Is Al supposed to be portraying a cross-dressing country singer, a woman with a deep voice, or what? 7 stars.
Grape Fruit Diet Now that's jazz! Very good, and very better than Fat. 10 stars.
Albequrque This should have been made into a theatrical short. If made into a short or music video, would it be better animated or live action? Many funny lines. 9 stars.

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Post by scottidog »

Grapefruit Diet is Jazz? I thought it was Swing. A parody of Zoot Suit Riot.

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Post by JEDM »

The Saga Begins (10 Stars)

My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder (3 Stars)

Pretty Fly For A Rabbi (8 Stars)

The Weird Al Show Theme (9 Stars

Jerry Springer (7 Stars)

Germs (5 stars)

Polka Power! (10 Stars)

Your Horoscope For Today (9 stars)

It's All About The Pentiums (8 Stars)

Truck Drivin' Song (4 Stars)

Grapefruit Diet (6 stars)

Albuquerque (27 stars)

I'll post my longer review later tonight, I gotta get to the movies :)

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