Running With Scissors Song By Song Review

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Post by autrefois »

THE SAGA BEGINS: Weird Al's best parody ever! It tells the story better than the movie itself does. The lyrics are so good that Don McLean has said it was hard to remember his own lyrics when performing the original! The idea of the song is funny, even if there are only a few laugh-out-loud moments (it's not that type of parody). 10/10

MY BABY'S IN LOVE WITH EDDIE VEDDER: Very funny lyrics. Terrific music (albeit a bit reminiscent of "Airline Amy"). Great accordion playing. 9.5/10!

PRETTY FLY FOR A RABBI: Like so many of Al's parodies, this one is clearly better than the original, a credit to Al as a writer and to TBITB. Hilarious without being offensive at all. One of Al's best lines ever: "And have some cake—you want some cake?!" :) 10/10

TWAS THEME: One of the catchiest songs I know. I've spent entire days having just this song in my head. Cute words and perfect for TWAS. Great energetic ending. Challenging to sing, which is half the fun. It should be used in diction classes for vocalists. 10/10.

JERRY SPRINGER: Captures the show perfectly, which is I assume why Jerry Springer decided not to appear in a video for it. :D Sounds better musically than the original, partly because it's sped up (how can Al sing that fast?!), partly thanks to TBITB. Many great lines, and good use of word/lines from the original. 10/10

GERMS: One of Al's best originals musically, if not THE best. Great lyrics: like TSB it's not really meant to make you laugh out loud, but it is still funny. 10/10

POLKA POWER!: His best polka medley, which of course is saying a lot. :) 10/10

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY: I know some will disagree with me, but this has never been one of my favorites. While the lyrics are funny at points, it's the weak point especially muscially on the album. I can't point to any particular thing wrong with it, it doesn't stand out musically or lyrically. I have to give it "only" a 9/10.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PENTIUMS: The song of a generation. Perfectly and hilariously captures the world of computers. Again, lyrically and musically an amazing song. You can taste the energy just by listening to it! 10/10

TRUCK DRIVIN' SONG: Al decides to tackle gender issues in this one. :) Several funny laugh-out-loud lines. Musically very solid, but not as good as his best originals. 9.5/10

GRAPEFRUIT DIET: I don't know why I like this song so much...but I do. Less original lyrically than the other songs, but it's still very funny nonetheless. Maybe this is the guy in "Fat" who has suddenly become health-conscious? :) 9.5/10.

ALBUQUERQUE: This is a song that defies genres. It is unique in the very best sense of the term. I love it, and it's my sister's favorite song of Weird Al's. There are some lines that only Weird Al could dream up. No truer words wer eever spoken than: "If one day you happen to wake up and find yourself in an existential quandry full of loathing and self-doubt and wracked with the pain and isolation of your pitiful meaningless existence[...]There's still a little place called ALBUQUERQUE!"

The best part of course is the last chord! :) 10/10

So for the album overall, his best ever, that works out to a grade of 97.5%, an Al+. :)

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Post by ZappRowsdower »

Well for starters, I agree with mostly everyone: Running With Scissors is the overall best album by Al since Dare To Be Stupid, which is my personal fave.

1. The Saga Begins; I do not like Star Wars, but I can listen to this song over and over. Seeing it live is awsome as well just to hear fan's reactions. I give it a 7-10, only because I don't like SW.

2. My Baby's in Love With Eddie Vedder: This song makes me want to play an accordion. It's very funny if you know who Eddie Vedder is. A good, underrated original, like Everything You Know Is Wrong. 7-10

3. Pretty fly for a Rabbi: A good parody that makes the original seem redundant. I only play it because my parrot can recite the chorus and it's very amusing. It's great for a Medley. 6-10

4. Weird Al Show Theme: I felt this would have been good for a CD extra, but not a track on the album. Another original would have been good, but this works too.
5. Jerry Springer: RWS stays on track with another perfect parody that overshadows the original. "Well I've been sleepin with your dog Woofie!" 8-10

6. Germs: My third favorite song on the album. 8-10

7. Polka Power: This is my favorite polka, instrumental wise. The accordian gets your red blood cells going all the way through. 9-10 for the accordian alone.

8. Your Horoscope For Today: Not to take anything away from this song, because I think it's very crafty, but it's not the best original on this album. NOT TO TAKE ANYTHING AWAY FROM IT!!! IT'S NOT A BAD SONG!!! IT'S VERY GOOD!!! I DON'T HATE IT!!!!! Please don't hurt me, but I have a good reason!! 7-10

9. All About The Pentiums: And here it is. The greatest parody in the last two albums and an instant classic. I have never liked P. Doodle or Poo. Dudley(whatever his name is), and I'm glad Al did the alt. version. This is the catchiest song on the album and it's aimed at something we all relate to; Bad computers. This parody is so much better than Trash Day and the video rocks. Especially the Drew Carey cameo. 10-10 I can never get sick of hearing it.

10. The Truck Drivin Song: A bit of a let down following AATP. It's funny, but I'm not sure if he's talking about a cross-dressing male truck driver or a female truck driver. 5-10

11. Grapefruit Diet: I didn't know this was a parody, and never would've guessed it if I didn't look through the CD jacket. It's like Fat-lite, but all of Al's food songs have been amusing. 6-10

12. Albuquerque: This........track.........RULES!!!!!!!!!!! It's funny everytime I listen to it. It would make for a great animated video, too. I'd go on about how much I like this track, but it speaks for itself. I say A....(A)....L...(L)...B....(B)...U...(U).....................Querque!!!!!!!!! (Querque!!!) :whoot: 20-10 (I know I can't do that, the only alternative is to send my arm to Al for this song)

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Post by Manda »

I have never liked P. Doodle or Poo. Dudley(whatever his name is),

:lol: Those are good. But it was Puff Daddy and now its P. Diddy, but close enough.
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Post by ZappRowsdower »

Oh Thanks. (man how many names do you need?)

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Post by Dani_polkarox »

The Saga Begins - Al surprised me with how good he can sing in this! All the notes were perfect. Star Wars fans got a kick out of this I noticed. (I am not a Star Wars buff, but I still enjoyed this). This is a very good parody, with perfect lyrics and perfect tune they did. 8/10

My Babys In Love With Eddie Vedder - Who's Eddie Vedder? Oh well. I liked the lyrics, it's like a story, ... (Al makes song-storys a lot). 6/10

Pretty Fly For A Rabbi - AWESOME! A great song to Jam to! 9/10

Weird Al Show Theme - Classic Al randomness. I like singing along to it. 7/10

Jerry Springer - I LOVE THIS SONG!!! My gosh It's SOOO cool, and I love the origional version too! AL's IS FREAKING HILARIOUS MAN. I watch Jery Springer sometimes LOL! 10/10

Germs - Very unique for an Al origional. I like that he's tryin something different. (Weather he is style parodying someone, i dont know). I LOVE the sound. "I'm gonna show them whos boss, I'm gonna get even yet, just gimme some Lysol spray, just hand me a moist towelett" LOL. 8/10

Polka Power! - BACKSTREETS BACK, ALRIGHT! I love this time in music and I love what Al did with the songs. POLKA ALWAYS ARE GOOD COME ON NOW. 10/10

Your Horoscope For Today - Funny, very cheerful tune. Pretty good! A lil overrated though. 7/10

Its All About The Pentiums - AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME. The music video was even better. I have it as an avatar dont I? I like rap/rock, OMG I love this. My personal favorite parody of the Album (better than all poodle hat parodys as well!). 10/10

Truck Driving Song - Sure its funny, but the type funny has been done before. bleh, country. 4/10

Grapefruit Diet - I dunno, I think it's pretty good, very classic. I didnt pay attention to it that much. Whenever it's on I always just get anticipated for Albuquerque. 7/10

Albuquerque - Ladies and Gentlemen, the best this I've ever heard on an Al CD. THIS TOTALLY BLEW ME AWAY. Out of my chair, FOOM! Away. I couldnt beleive it, how brilliant can he be? BRILLIANt. Funny funny funny, I was laughing my head off! Dancin around the room, singing" If you'd like to make a call, please hang up and try again...". Wow this was amazing. The guitar thing at the end was great (WTG Jim!!!). Oh, and the DRUMS! Way to go Bermuda!!! This song was great, and I loved how it went on forever. LOL I loved the lyric sheet! HA! Too funny! (Before I heard the song I actually thought he sang that, LOLOL). Albuquerque is awesome. 10/10

Overall - Best Weird Al Album :D Ofcourse.

Just the name itself "Running With Scissors" and the album cover is great. LOL. awesome.

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Post by Themagic#27 »

Dani_polkarox @ Aug 22 2004, 08:49 AM wrote: My Babys In Love With Eddie Vedder - Who's Eddie Vedder? Oh well. I liked the lyrics, it's like a story, ... (Al makes song-storys a lot). 6/10
Eddie Vedder's a 90's grunge rocker that wore flannel. Look him up in Google, I'm sure you'll find something.
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Post by bpappa77 »

The Saga Begins great song alot better than the movie :lol: 9/10
My Babys In Love With Eddie Vedder A little strange but good i love the acordian part 9/10
Pretty Fly for a Rabbi great over all song great jewish references10/10
Weird Al show theme pretty funny i like the part about the hamster 8/10
Jerry Springer My 2nd favorite song on the al-bum i like the music as much as the words10/10
Germs kind of creepy but it grows on you (pun intended)7/10
Polka Power alone these songs suck but when polkaed (?) :? there awsome :lol: 8/10
Thats your horoscope for to day great song the scorpio part always cracks me up10/10
Its All About The Pentiums incredible funny the only rap ever to not suck9/10
Truck Driving Song*shutter* :angry: the worst al song ever 1/10
Grape Fruit Diet good but not that good basicly a swing version of fat 6/10
Al-Buquerque my all time favorite al song histarical its so funny and comepletely random 15/10

Best album ever ( :unsure: me fial inglish thats unpossible :? ) :^)

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Post by i_love_yankovic »

I can't believe I've never posted here before! :o
Let's see...
10/10's all around!
Except for Albuquerque, which gets a
Absolute, utter genius.
Very tasty!

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Post by Conor »

1. The Saga Begins 2/10 For Some Reason I Dont Care For This.
2. My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder 10/10 AWesome song.
3. Pretty Fly For A Rabbi 10/10 AWesome song.
4. Weird Al Show Theme 8/10 Pretty good song.
5. Jerry Springer 10/10 AWesome song.
6. Germs 0/10 I HATE THIS SONG!
7. Polka Power 10/10 REALLY Awesome song.
8. Your Horoscope For Today 10/10 BEST SONG ON HERE!
9. It's All About The Pentiums 2/10 I dont really like this song.
10. Truck Drivin Song 10/10 DRIVIN A TRUCK WITH MY HIGH HEELS ON!
11. Grapefruit Diet 5/10 Didnt care for this
12. Albuquerque 10/10 PLAYED THIS SONG 10 TIMES IN A ROW :o
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Post by Genius in Maine »

I can't believe I haven't posted in here yet! :o

Of the 90s ALbums, this one is IMO the best by far (OTDE is a distant 2nd).

1. The Saga Begins - This one is certainly more entertaining than "The Phantom Menace" itself! Very good lyrics (notably "And he left his home and kissed his mommy goodbye"). 9/10

2. My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder - Even though I'm a Pearl Jam fan (or should that be because? Hmmm....... ) I really enjoy this one. Catchy, plus good use of the accordion. 8/10

3. Pretty Fly For A Rabbi - Funny song, and it sometimes reminds me of the South Park episode "Ike's Wee Wee". 9/10

4. The Weird Al Show Theme - Bouncy and fun! 8/10

5. Jerry Springer - Hilarious song! Definitely one of Al's best 90s songs. I especially like the show dialogue interlude :lol:. (BTW, "One Week" is one of my favorite songs which Al has parodied.) 10/10

6. Germs - After five great songs, here's a clunker. While it accurately describes OCD, that's about all this one has going for it. 3/10

7. Polka Power! - Not one of my favorite polkas; not surprisingly, some of the songs Al chose to include were very weak. I'd probably like this one better if better songs were included. 5/10

8. Your Horoscope For Today - After two weak songs, here's a real gem. Hilarious take on horoscopes, plus excellent music (courtesy of Reel Big Fish)! 9/10

9. It's All About The Pentiums - Good song (I'm a bit of a techie myself), though I prefer the video to the song itself. 8/10

10. Truck Drivin' Song - Underrated! I enjoy the theme of cross-dressing very much, even if this is a country song. 7/10

11. Grapefruit Diet - Good, and funny, but I prefer "Fat". 8/10

12. Albuquerque - In my UHF review, I said that songs like TBBOTIM don't grow on trees. This one is like TBBOTIM. 10/10" onclick=";return false;

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