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Post by drnick954 »

I dont recall seeing anything like this when i searched, soooooooooooooo,

How do you like each of the songs on RWS? Heres mine

Saga Begins-7/10 very overrated song to me, and its just not my favorite

My Babys in love with eddie vedder- 5/10 Mediocre. Thats all i have to say

Pretty Fly For A Rabbi- 11/10 MY FAV WEIRD AL SONG OF ALL TIME!!!!! Being a Jew, i really understand this and its funny

Weird Al Show Theme- 8/10 pretty good

Jerry Springer- 9/10 HIL-AR-I-OUS!!!!!!!

Germs- 9/10 Sounds a lot like Closer by NIN and i like that song

Polka Power!- 7/10 not his best polka

Your Horoscope for today- 9½/10 very funny

Its all about the pentiums- 8/10 good but not good enough

Truck Driving Song- Up there with Eddie Vedder

Grapefruit Diet- 7½/10 all right i guess

Albuquerque- 10/10 *swallows air* ITS GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Post by Bruce the Duck »

The Saga Begins - Great song! Not especially funny, but you can't go wrong when you mix a classic rock song with a great, fun movie! 10/10

My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder - Easily the best original on the album! The accordion-fueled tune is wonderful and the lyrics are brilliant, even if outdated. 10/10

Pretty Fly for a Rabbi - I love the original and I love the parody! The chorus is kind of stupid, but the verses more than make up for that! Plus, I LOVE the Pee-Wee's Play House references! 10/10

The Weird Al Show Theme - As the theme song for the show, it's top notch, but as a song in its own right, it's not all that great. 7/10

Jerry Springer - Again, I love the original and I love the parody! Brilliant, rapid-fire lyrics here! It's easy to make fun of Jerry Springer, but the way Al does it, he maintains class and sophistication in his comedy somehow, even when mocking this idiot. 10/10

Germs - Very overrated. I don't like NIN, so that could have something to do with it. I like the lyrics, but the joke doesn't last past the first verse. 6/10

Polka Power! - A decent polka, but after four consecutive perfect polkas (THRP, PYEO, BP, and TAP) this one kind of falls short. Still, it's much better than AWBP. 7/10

Your Horoscope For Today - Another overrated original. Clever lyrics and snappy music doesn't make up for the random, nonsensical stuff that hails back to Al's more simple-minded song writting days. Still, a good song. The best part is the bridge. 7/10

It's All About the Pentiums - PERFECT PARODY! This is brilliant! It gets extra points for using the remix version (featuring Rob Zombie) as the template, rather than the original version. 10/10

Truck Drivin' Song - Subtle Al humor at it's funniet! I love when Al does a country song, too. This is yet another overlooked, but brilliant Al original. 9/10

Grapefruit Diet - After 4 PERFECT parodies, this one is nowhere near on the same level. The original song is also very forgettable. BUT this song is very clever and acts as sort of a "sequel" to "Fat." I love the boomerrang line! :lol: 8/10

Albuquerque - Great epic song/story. Too many hilarious bits to talk about here (see the Albuquerque thread for more). A little overrated, and I like TBBOTIM better, but I still love the song. 9/10

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Post by Jenny »

RWS is Al on top of his game. There are no "skippers" in this bunch. This is right up there with DTBS and PH as my favorite albums.

Saga Begins-9/10: Excellent. Great hook, nice tie-ins with both the original song and the movie, and well sung. Also....gotta love the video;)

My Babys in love with eddie vedder- 9/10. Funny. I have a thing for the "2nd" songs for some reason..they always hit my funny bone just right. Jamming accordian, funny lyrics, totally singable.

Pretty Fly For A Rabbi- 8/10. I think this one loses a little bit of fun after the novelty fades away, but it's still up there. Parodying a song that's kind of funny to begin with is an interesting choice.

Weird Al Show Theme- 8/10 Just classic. Nonsensical, fun to sing, fun to try to sing in one breath.... ;)

Jerry Springer- 8/10- That goat doesn't love you! Spot-on satirical look at the Springer phenom. I especially enjoyed way he sang so quickly...almost ska-like "maniacs it's like when animals attack". Really cool inner -rhyme scheme.

Germs- 9/10 Look under the microscope....See?! I LOVE this song. Each line is quotable. And the concert outfit is, um, well that's nice too.

Polka Power!- 8/10 Like, like, like! Very singable, very peppy, I actually "knew" all of the songs (a first for me, lol), and can I get a hand for that accordian player?

Your Horoscope for today- 9/10 very funny AND even funnier after I saw how much fun Al had singing it in concert. Also, since I'm a Taurus, and my predictions are so bleak..."What ya gonna do, cry about it?" --I really liked it.

Its all about the pentiums- 10/10 I don't care how many times I hear this song. I laugh every single solitary time. Jpegs to Hellen Keller? Brain dead AOLer? Some one catch me, I've fallen into geek heaven! LOL And I just can't get over how much better Al's version is than the original. And during that last verse, it's almost hostile how he's attacking the internet loser--in a funny way, of course. And of course, we musn't forget the MSS. What?!

Truck Driving Song- 8/10 Hahahahahahahahaaaaaa. Fun to sing with, interesting to hear the lower end of Al's vocal range, and interesting to hear Al say "crotchless panties", rofl

Grapefruit Diet- 9/10 "Blow Fatty!" I absolutely love this song. Spot on, excellent music, funny lyrics, and hey kids, you can dance to it!

Albuquerque- 27/10 Driving down I 10 from Tallahassee back home, Al and I spent much time together singing this song. Aawwwhhh yeah. This song is too good to be rated.
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Post by anthontherun »

The Saga Begins: Love it. 10/10
My Baby's in Love with Eddie Vedder: Another terrific song. Great accordion. 10/10
Pretty Fly (For a Rabbi): Awesome. It gets old after a while though. 9/10
The Weird Al Show Theme: I kinda feel like we got cheated out of a brand-new song (since Al usually includes 12 songs on the album and we had heard this one before), but I still like it and I'm glad it's there. 9/10
Jerry Springer: Hysterical. 10/10
Germs: I'm not an Al gal so I can't appreciate the live version, but I like this song a lot. 10/10
Polka Power!: For some reason, I just can't get into this polka. After "Hooked on Polkas," it's probably my least favorite polka. 8/10
Your Horoscope for Today: I like it but I could live without it. I was pretty surprised it made the final four in our RWS Survivor last year. 8/10
It's All About the Pentiums-Awesome. 10/10
Truck Drivin' Song: One of my least favorite Al songs and definitely my least favorite on RWS. 4/10
Grapefruit Diet: Weakest parody on the album. Not bad though. 7/10
Albuquerque: A classic. 10/10

Overall: 82%
Actually, I'd really give this album an A, but this is based on the average of the song ratings.
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Post by TheMeccaOfAlbinoPoodles »

The Saga Begins- 8/10- Eh, okay I guess.
Eddie Vedder- 9/10- GREAT accordion.
Pretty Fly- 8/10- Eh. Although when I saw it in the medley I was shocked to see an ACCORDION on it.
Weird Al Show-8/10- it's HILARIOUS when you see the theme song.
Jerry Springer- 10/10- Better than... talk soup... EW.
Germs- 4/10- Weakest original on the alubm.
Polka Power- 10/10- GREAT polka!
Horoscope- 10/10- CLASSIC!
Pentiums- 10/10- It gets REALLY loud and the strobe lights from WAY:L and the music video are REALLY annoying but besides that it's great.
Truck Drivin' Song- 1/10- a REALLY obscure original. I believe Al wasted his time waking up early to record this in his EXTRA DEEP voice.
Grapefruit Diet- 2/10- Weakest parody.

If you haven't shut off your CD player after TDS, there's a brilliant little piece... called
ALBUQUERQUE!- 10/10-BEST ORIGINAL EVER! Brilliant epic song, filled with violence!
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Post by Manda »

Saga Begins: I don't really care for this song. Mostly because I have listen to it to much. The video makes up for. I give it 7/10.

My Baby's in Love with Eddy Vedder: I love this song. It has good accordion and funny lyrics. A great song to listen to. I give it a 9/10.

Pretty Fly For a Rabbi: Love it. Its funny, A very good parody. I give it a 10/10.

The Weird Al Show Theme: I loved this song when it was on his show. But now it's just a short little song that's funny. But seems out of place. I give it a 6/10.

Jerry Springer: I love the original. This song is pretty good, it describes the Jerry Springer show perfectly (not that I have watched it). Not a song that I listen to much. I give it a 8/10.

Germs: Love it. He sings this song really good. I love the music. A must see in concert. Even though its about germs it's a very good song. I give it a 10/10.

Polka Power: A great polka. I don't know if it beats AWBP but its a very good polka. I give it a 9/10.

Your Horoscope for Today: This is great. Its funny and great music. I give it a 10/10.

Its All about the Pentiums: The best parody on this cd. Its funny and it beats the original. I give it a 10/10.

Truck Drivin Song: A funny song. If you try not to picture Al dressed in a boa. :P I give it a 8/10.

Grapefruit Diet: A very funny song. Great parody. I give it a 10/10.

Albuquerque: Besides the length. This song is very entertaining to listen too. And it keeps you laughing all the way through.I give it a 10/10.

This is my favorite album of Al's. I give it a four star rating. Or a 10/10. A great cd that I will be able to enjoy for a very long time.
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Post by weirdojace »

THE SAGA BEGINS -- 8/10 I'm not a Star Wars fan, but I like this song.

MY BABY'S IN LOVE WITH EDDIE VEDDER -- 9/10 GREAT accordion playing on this one!

PRETTY FLY FOR A RABBI -- 10/10 Excellant parody.

THE WEIRD AL SHOW THEME -- 6/10 Okay as a theme song,

JERRY SPRINGER -- 10/10 Great parody. I love it.

GERMS -- 10/10 Great original.

POLKA POWER! -- 9/10 A very good polka. Me likey.

YOUR HOROSCOPE FOR TODAY -- 10/10 Another great original.

IT'S ALL ABOUT THE PENTIUMS -- 10/10 YEAH!! I'm a huge computer nerd, so of course I understand everything in this song.

TRUCK DRIVIN' SONG -- 10/10 A weirdly funny song.

GRAPEFRUIT DIET -- 5/10 Bleh, pretty weak parody.

ALBUQUERQUE -- 10/10 Better than Genius in France. This is easily the best epic song Al's ever done.

Overall, I'd give this album a 9/10. It's my 2nd favorite album." onclick=";return false;

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Post by Wardie »

The Saga Begins - nice at times, but I really don't listen to it that often. 6.4/10

My Baby's In Love With Eddie Vedder - nice use of accordion but lyrics aren't that flash. 7.5/10

Pretty Fly for a Rabbi - witty parody and almost as good as the original. 8.8/10

The Weird Al Show Theme - Makes for interesting listening - sometimes. 6.8/10

Jerry Springer - Good song, even though I never watch the show. 7.6/10

Germs - one of RWS's better songs. It's catchy, plus it mocks all those germ-phobic people out there. 9.0/10

Polka Power! - great. This is probably one of the better polkas. 8.4/10

Your Horoscope for Today - the best original of recent times. Witty and *scrambles for words* um...unique? 9.4/10

It's All About the Pentiums - brilliant parody, great jokes about n00bs and all. Great melodies. 8.9/10

Truck Drivin' Song - being a fan of the Lumberjack song, I found this one just as great. 8.6/10

Grapefruit Diet - one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard. Great since it adds to the jokes made in Fat. 9.1/10

Albuquerque - blargh. I've heard this song so many times I no longer find it that entertaining anymore (blame my brother). 4.2/10 (ooh, controversial)

Overall: based on average, this is worth a 7.9/10

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Post by drnick954 »

i still dont see why you would like Albuquerque, its just so unique
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

drnick954 @ May 18 2004, 06:56 PM wrote: i still dont see why you would like Albuquerque, its just so unique
:huh: And why is unique bad?
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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