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Thanks, Patti!
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Post by algonacchick »

Oh, hehe, well, Cat, I sing pretty low, so nobody can hear me, anyway.
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So awesome!

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The Doctor
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Post by The Doctor »

Don't know where else to post this...
My parents are apartment managers, and every now and then, when people move out, you find that they leave stuff. Well, in this case, they left just about everything.
I did a quick edit of the footage (taken for managerial reasons) set to "Trash Day."
If you're confident that you can keep your lunch down, check it out. I think it goes pretty good with the song.

Thanks go to Dumb n00b for giving me the idea, after I had to edit the video for another song for my dad.

Father is shooting the video,
Mom is somewhere, not sure if you see her anywhere in the film for more than a second while passing by.
Cousin, Tina, is off to the side at the begining, and then taking pictures (don't know why, I assume more managerial reasons).
Cousin's (former) husband, Chris, is basically the pointer dude.

Note to anyone: Don't hire family.
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Post by Well, Well, Well » much is the rent now? You can't beat furnished apartments.
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Post by praise_harvey »

How nice of them to leave the vacuum cleaner behind to help with the cleaning efforts!
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The Doctor
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Post by The Doctor »

Sorry, forgot to mention that this was back in 1999. Everything is gone, place thoroughly cleaned (2X), and there's been new people who's lived in it since.

Anyway, the original video I was supposed to make using this footage is here:

My dad's trying to promote his album.... and I'm the one who has to do all the computer work, as I'm the computer nerd.
If you want/can, please check out his album on iTunes. Search "Blue Suede Buick" :rolleyes:
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Post by Kevbo1987 »

:blink: Wow....those sure were some messy people. How did they even live in that filth?
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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Does anyone else here in the Los Angeles area remember that house near in east LA and Century City on Prosser (just north of Olympic) that had all the bags of trash piled around it to the point where the piles were taller than the house? TD has always reminded me of it.
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Post by weirdalisthephantomoftheopera »

Oh, I remember that. YECH!
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Post by Keir »

That was horrible, LN! I definitely feel like I need a shower now. :P
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Post by JEDM »

Keir @ May 23 2007, 08:36 AM wrote: That was horrible, LN!
Yes, yes it was....

Now i'm itching, i need a shower, and i feel like im gonna thorw up :?

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