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flusher5 @ May 10 2008, 09:47 PM wrote: they did the same with the weird al show theme song i think, at least they changed the pitch.
kylan and I can sing the theme song. it took us a while to learn it, but we have it now. :)
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addictedtoyankovic @ Jun 10 2008, 11:00 PM wrote: Because she's secretly plotting to destroy you by mentioning your name on this forum. WATCH OUT!!!!!
oh no!!! i hope i can destroy her first :ph34r:

and yes BS thats true too.....

Savanna it took me like the 2nd time i heard it!! YOU took so long to figure it out! :P
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Why do people always refer to this as being one of Al's "list songs?" Yes, I know that the third verse is a list of hardware store items, but the first and second verses aren't. Sure, the third verse is the part of the song that people tend to remember the most, but there's still a lot more to this song than the list.
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Post by weirdojace »

It is a list song, but unlike most of Al's list songs, he's not trying to be funny with the list itself. The joke is how fast he sings it.
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Post by Melquizio »

I was thinking that myself a while ago, BS.

And also, I never knew for sure that Al sped the bridge up when he recorded it. I just thought he could sing that fast :P

(Well, I assumed it....)
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weirdojace @ June 08, 2009 07:42 pm wrote: It is a list song, but unlike most of Al's list songs, he's not trying to be funny with the list itself. The joke is how fast he sings it.
Well, I suppose it's not reasonable to expect a male to think that an "automatic circumciser" is funny. :ph34r:
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Re: Hardware Store

Post by dynaboyj »

The complexity of the vocal arrangement does not just appear in the bridge of listed tools. The second part of the chorus is also rather hard to sing. What is it? "I'm going (yes I'm going) I'm-a going to the (going to the hard) going to the--yeah, I'm going going to the hardware store!"

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Re: Hardware Store

Post by Iamabrawler »

Yeah, well, if you really try you can say it alone... whenever I try singing it it comes out something like:

I`m going yes I`m going I`m-a-going to going to the hardware, I`m going yes I`m going,to the Hard I`m going to the Hard yes I`m going to the Hardware Stooore!

For someone who translated it... I had to sing it, so I undid a few background things so that anyone can sing alone (and along, XD). But my tongue almost burned out during the third part.

That`s the fastest Al song. One of my all-time favorite because of its complexity. Look on Youtube, almost everyone says it`s impossible to sing!
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Re: Hardware Store

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Read this whole thread and didn't see anything about this. Here goes I guess. Does anyone think the Home Improvement T.V. show theme song is a parody of this song? I always wonder about if it was a parody of the show's theme song. Everytime I watch Home Improvement keep thinking of it.

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Re: Hardware Store

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For so many reasons, I would have to say no.
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