What's your favorite song on "Poodle Hat"?

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What's your favorite song on "Poodle Hat"?

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Post by jerrymustbeslaughtered »

Genius in France! If any of you don't get the musical style parody, buy Apostrophe and One Size Fits All by Zappa. You'll realize the similarities instantly.

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Post by weirdojace »

A tie between A Complicated Song and Ebay.

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Post by sarley27 »

I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!

Genius in France and Hardware Store have been going through my head, and Trash Day is so close to the original, for a minute, I thought it was the original music.

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I have a really really hard time debating between these 3:

Ode To A Superhero - I love the original song... completely and entirely.

Complicated Song. just made me laugh.

and my favorite orignal?


OMG I Love hardware store!

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Post by M3m3s3 »

Mine is Party at the Leper Colony.

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Post by JKaudio »

So hard to choose. I'm gonna have to say for now that it's "Why Does This Always Happen to Me?"


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Post by Ratbert197 »

Hardware Store and Angry White Boy Polka.

I had my freinds cracking up at the AWBP. My freinds a SOAD fan too, and thought that the whole Chop Suey part was hillarious. One of the guys from Staind, that al put in his polka, used to live where I live! Ludlow! And allt his time I thought i lived in the dullest town ever.

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Post by Andrew »

Definitely Complicated Song for me and yes, Wanna B Ur Lover is hilarious because of the excessive amount of bad pick-up lines.

Complicated Song is hilarious because of the ever-changing subject and how it relates to Albequrque. WHY DID I HAVE TO GO GET MYSELF DECAPITATED? *rofl*

Listening to the album after 5 times really makes it sound much better. Oh yeah, Ebay and Hardware store were hilarious when I first heard them. 'Specially that crazy long list of materials.

:) :listen:

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Post by DrewBoo »

*Points to "Location" under name*


THAT is why I'm not a big fan of "A Complicated Song". It's really funny, but the stereotype joke was a little unoriginal.

My favorite is "Ode to a Superhero". He did a perfect parody of "Piano Man". :)

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