Something I Noticed About The Fan Reactions To Sol

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Post by Kevbo1987 »

Orthography Enthusiast @ Sep 29 2006, 10:29 AM wrote: I would have been happy to have "You're Pitiful" on the album, but it's becoming apparent that "White and Nerdy" is a much better lead single.
Oh, I agree. I was saying it would be nice to have YP on the album in some other capacity than the lead single.

But, I really love this album exactly the way it is. It's wonderful.
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Post by ProphetM »

R.J. Fletcher @ Sep 29 2006, 07:59 AM wrote: As much as I like SOL, I think I like Poodle Hat a bit better.

I've listened just once so far, and I'm a little disappointed. This may be because I'm unfamiliar with pretty much all of the originals of the songs parodied. I'm sure it will grow on me to some extent, but I think I just like Poodle Hat better. I'll need quite a few more listens to determine where SOL truly lies on my scale of most favorite to least favorite albums.

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Post by Ecto »

i know one of the originals, that being the green day parody. i had started writing/planning a parody to chamillionaire's "Ridin'" just before it was leaked to be the new lead parody (believe it or not, my chorus was "talkin' nerdy" but i knew little of the song so i don't have much of a chorus but the theme was the same as Al's...he just beat me to it ;)). i had to researcht he other originals for the parodies but hey, i still love the album. i love allt he parodies and originals and the polka's always hold a spot for me (heck even Polka Party's Polka Party). one fo his best? definitely, i rank it as good as it's been in recent years.

i also think it's attributed to how much time is between the albums AP-93, BHD-96, RWS-99, PH-2003, SOL-2006.

if you look at alapalooza and OTDE ('92 and late '93/'94) that's way too short...three-4 years is good and typical of most artists. rushing al is like rushing robin williams or any comedian. you can't. it gets overhyped and the person comes up with lack luster shtuff.
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Post by stupidsurgeon27 »

I agree that YP would have been nice on the album, but White and Nerdy is definitely a better lead single.

Al has mentioned that YP became a hit on the internet, but White and Nerdy has certainly grabbed a lot of attention, probably even more so.

You know, for White and Nerdy being a replace hit single of YP, I think White and Nerdy had more people even excited for SOL.
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Post by SmileyGirl87 »

Things happen for a reason, and I'm very glad W&N was the lead single for SOL. I think people who may not have caught Couch Potato, or figured "OH, well, anyone can rap like Eminem" may have been caught off guard by W&N, and downright impressed. Al's material for that song was so perfect, and his execution was flawless. I think the amount of publicity for SOL was huge, considering the lack of AL-TV, and W&N reached beyond the borders a bit to bring in a variety of new fans... :D "You're Pitiful" was decent in the manner it was released, but in a way I'm glad it came out separately and preceeding SOL..although I think it was a better fit for the album than DICYO, W&N deserved credit as title track. B)

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Post by Bruce the Duck »

I'm betting that by the time Al is ready to release "Greatest Hits Volume III" or an updated boxed set, that James Blunt will have faded into oblivion and Atlantic Records will no longer care if Al releases the parody, and then he'll be able to release it on CD.

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Post by HappyGilmore »

I think the album's pretty decent. Not my personal favorite, but Virus Alert is definitely the best song on the album, as far as original's go.
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Post by Spottedfeather »

Does anyone know of a place to get a real version of SOL ? I would like to get a version that actually plays on all cd players. That won't be a problem with getting it from overseas as the cd will play, but the dvd wouldn't be region 1, would it ? I can do without the videos, but I would really like a playable cd version. Any ideas on where to get the 2 cd set ? Thanks.

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Post by anthontherun »

The DVD wouldn't be region 1, but the CD will play fine.
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Post by Spottedfeather »

I don't know about that. I'm a huge Al fan, but I would have to think very, very long and hard about spending nearly 40 dollars for a cd/dvd, no matter who it's by. Except for Miley Cyrus. I'd spend just about anything for any kind of cd she made. And I would definitely have to think for a long while about spending 40 dollars for something that I can only use half of. Thanks, though. Not to mention all the huge shipping and possible customs cost of getting it shipped to where I live.

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