Something I Noticed About The Fan Reactions To Sol

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So far I've noticed something kind of interesting about this album. Have you guys noticed how there are no universally liked or universally disliked songs on this album? I went around reading reviews and one guy says Weasel Stomping Day is the low point of the album and Canadian Idiot is the high point while literally the next review says that Weasel Stomping Day is THE BEST part of the album (not joking) while Canadian Idiot's the worst. Do I Freak You Out... Al's Myspace has a guy asking for it to be posted as a streaming song because it's his favorite... Virus Alert... for every person who finds it the worst song in the album, there are people like me who think it's THE BEST song of the album. The video for DDTS... there's tons of people who hate it, while others think it's a total masterpiece. And then of course there's TitDT. We all know how the reactions have been towards that. I've also seen the exact same crap for Pancreas, I'll Sue Ya, Polkarama (this song alone is selling a lot of albums), Close But No Cigar, Confessions Pt. 3... AKA every song in the album.

Personally, I think this is a sign that Al made a perfect album. Think about it. He covered such a wide spectrum of genres liked by different people that he hit the nail on the head for everyone somewhere or another. It has appeal to everyone at some point.

I was originally holding back saying that SOL is his best album to date since the album is so recent and not a "classic" yet, but now that I think about it, this album... well, it IS his best album to date. I'm pretty sure I've seen ALL 12 songs mentioned as the album favorite by at least one person.

What do you guys think?

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Couldn't agree more. The reactions to this album have just been fun to read and they're really making me feel happy for Al. And even critics can't seem to agree on the highlights and lowlights have the exact same varying reactions on WSD and CI as the fans do

What's really interesting is that even most of the complaints have either been on the technical side or the fact that people aren't "in touch" with the music Al's parodying. Either way, even those complaints don't have much to do with Al.
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Something I've noticed every time a new album comes out...

There's always people who say this -- that the album is the best yet. I think you'll find over the years that the songs on the album will stack up in a more equal fashion against Al's previous songs.

That said, I think there's something to be said for this album having a lot of different songs. You can say that it's a perfect album because there's something in there for everyone, but at the same time...

I think it's disappointing because there are more chances for me to actually dislike Al songs. And this time around I can say there are a couple I just don't like (Pancreas, WSD, DDTS). This wasn't really a problem on the earlier albums -- at least for me, anyway.

There's probably someone who also says this every time an album comes out too, so make of it what you will.

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That's an interesting point, Funbox. The opinions do seem to vary. Although, I have noticed more dislike for DICYO than any of the other songs, and for good reason I think.

This album has only a few low points for me: DICYO, Pancreas, and WSD (it's a good song, but doesn't compare with the rest of the album). The rest of it is sheer brilliance! The four other originals are some of the best Al's ever written.

And I've already commented on how Al has given me a new appreciation for Usher's song.

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I think you're right, Funbox. I have seen bad reviews for almost every song, and I've seen good reviews for every song that's had bad reviews. The more I listen to this album, the more I think Al really got it right this time. Of course, even though YP was supposed to be lead parody, I wish Atlantic had given him permission for it, and then he still did White and Nerdy. I mean, picture YP in the place of DICYO. Then the album would be perfect.
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I would have been happy to have "You're Pitiful" on the album, but it's becoming apparent that "White and Nerdy" is a much better lead single.
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I never really thought about this, but you're absolutely right. DICYO is one of my favorites, BTW. Al covered so many genres that there's something for everybody. In my case, it's the first ALbum on which there are no songs that I skip over, except for TitDT and C3, and that only because I don't like not listening to a song all the way through, and if I'm in my car, I might be somewhere before those songs are over.

Now, how the heck is he gonna top this???
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As much as I like SOL, I think I like Poodle Hat a bit better.
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Wow, really? I think that SOL tops most of Poodle Hat, 'cept for "Hardware Store." I was sort of hoping he'd do another wildly fast paced song like that.

Earnestly, I *LOVE* Virus Alert. Maybe cause I'm such a computer geek! :P Seriously, if I like it enough, I parody it. For example, Jace (better known as weirdojace) wrote and recorded an original, called "Racist (Against Devils" that I like very much. In fact, it was probably the highlight of his debut CD. When I heard it, I cracked up and I wanted to top it with "Racist (To No-Talents)", which was probably funnier than the original.

Anyway, back in topic:

My absolute favorite originals are Pancreas because Al's harmonies are so tight on that one, Virus Alert! because it's got a retro feel to it and reminds me of a cross between Mr. Popeil and Midnight Star all swirled in one and lastly, I like Close But No Cigar cause it's snappy.
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Funbox @ Sep 29 2006, 02:36 AM wrote: So far I've noticed something kind of interesting about this album. Have you guys noticed how there are no universally liked or universally disliked songs on this album?
I think that's a very good assessment. I have noticed that a lot of people say that "Do I Creep You Out" is the worst song on the album, but I think it's one of the best. Likewise, my least favorite song on the album is "Pancreas", and I have read that a lot of people like that one. Also, I'm glad that most of the complaints don't have much to do with Al (however, I don't have anything to complain about--I'm glad at how SOL turned out :) )

Overall, I like SOL much better than PH (since we seem to be comparing the two), and I think SOL is one of Al's best albums ever." onclick=";return false;

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