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Straight Outta Lynwood:

1. White & Nerdy ( 8/10 ) A tad overrated amongst all the people here on the board, although replacing 'ridin dirty' with 'white & nerdy' is a brilliant idea. This is definetly the right choice for the lead parody, although there's better overall tracks on the album; and this is not Al's best lead parody. Come on, people.

2. Pancreas ( 10/10 ) I cannot understand why people don't like this song. Track 2 is usually the best original on Al's cds, and this one is certainly that. The toy piano and 'flow, flow, flow...' parts are timeless.

3. Canadian Idiot ( 8/10 ) Better than I expected it to be, although I think had Al picked a different country to poke fun at, other than Canada, it would've been more original. Also, it's too short at just 2:23.

4. I'll Sue Ya ( 7/10 ) Sounds nothing like RATM, although I enjoy the sentiment in the track's purpose. The part about New Jersey gives it a couple extra points by its lonesome.

5. Polkarama ( 9/10 ) The polka is usually a run-of-the-mill favorite for me, and this polka is no exception. Great choice of songs, great arrangement, and a bonus for including "The Chicken Dance."

6. Virus Alert ( 10/10 ) This is a favorite, particularly because the lyrics are either spot-on or too funny. I always laugh throughout the song, and get the chills at the end with the 'hit send right now!' part.

7. Confessions Part III ( 8/10 ) Suprisingly good, because I don't like Usher and I wasn't too familiar with the original. The lyrics are classic Al, and although I was put off, at first, by the title, it was fitting for the track.

8. Weasel Stomping Day ( 10/10 ) Anyone who doesn't like this song should not be listening to Weird Al. Sorry guys, but the sound effects are some of the best ever recorded in an Al track. It's shortness is not a problem ("Since You've Been Gone" is my favore Al original), although more weasel stomping would've been great.

9. Close But No Cigar ( 5/10 ) My least favorite song on the album. It sounds nothing like Cake, and the lyrics just don't make sense.

10. Do I Creep You Out ( 6/10 ) My least favorite parody, although it's a decent song. I was just expecting it to be about Taylor Hicks. I just think it would've been so much funnier had Al taken a shot at American Idol, instead of using its music for an average parody.

11. Trapped In The Drive-Thru ( 10/10 ) More spot-on lyrics from Al, which I can relate to on so many levels. I'm not too familiar with R. Kelly's original, but it doesn't really matter. Also, I have a thing--almost a predetermined love--for long songs, and this is a big step up from "Genius In France."

12. Don't Download This Song ( 10/10 ) Another great original. It may be a little old to do a song about illegal downloads, but Al did it perfectly, with great lyrics and music that's as evocative as ever.

Overall: 101/120, which is a big step up from Poodle Hat, and overall makes for a great cd. I think the originals, particularly "Pancreas" and "WSD," are some of the best Al's done in a long time, while the parodies are still borderline average. I like the success that "White & Nerdy" is bringing Al, although I fear for the second single--because it's not going to be "Drive-Thru," and neither "Do I Creep You Out" or "Canadian Idiot" really excite me. The Polka is also great--again, an improvement from "Angry White Boy Polka."

Finally, Straight Outta Lynwood is a great cd. Not nearly my favorite, although it gets the foul taste of Poodle Hat out of my mouth, and keeps me looking forward to the future of Al's career.
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Post by SmileyGirl87 »

Close But No Cigar ( 5/10 ) My least favorite song on the album. It sounds nothing like Cake, and the lyrics just don't make sense.

How do you figure? I can see how some people feel the song doesn't emulate Cake well (even though I disagree) but this is the first I've heard of anyone mentioning lyrics as a problem area.

Straight Outta Lynwood:

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Post by mewrio »

mewrio, I don't think Al needed to put an "eh" in Canadian Idiot, seeing that he did use "aboot" and rhymed "sorry" with "story". I know a lot of people said this song was predicatable, but, I could care less. I like it.
The thing is, the "eh" thing is like the only thing Australians know about Canada (well, most of us anyway). At least, the "eh" thing is a big thing in our class. But some of our class can be a bit stupid sometimes, so what do I know?

Mewrio, Pancreas will grow on you. Trust me.

But two weeks from now, you'll want to up that three. Did you also dislike GiF when it came out?
Well you're half right there - even though I still don't find this song funny, the music is actually really cool, and catchy too. The rating has gone up, but to what I don't know.

Hopefully, at least for some of the songs, they'll grow on you. If not, hey, we can't all love SOL *like I do*.
Well you have to remember that Al's music is not as big a thing in my life as it used to be. I would basically say I'm on my way to going back to being a casual fan. Nothing against Al, it's just that my interests have changed.

And remember, I have only heard one of parodied songs before - American Idiot was the only song to gain significant airplay in Australia, so somehow I don't feel like I was ever going to really enjoy this album.

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Post by TheLazenby »

I can tell which people haven't heard "Smile"... they gave Pancreas a bad grade...

That's kind of a weakness of the song - unless you heard that album, Pancreas just sounds bizarre.
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I never heard it, but know enough about Brian Wilson and his music to instantly "get it". I have heard some of his material, and really like the Beach Boys, so it sounded spot-on to me.
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TheLazenby @ Oct 16 2006, 12:58 AM wrote: I can tell which people haven't heard "Smile"... they gave Pancreas a bad grade...

That's kind of a weakness of the song - unless you heard that album, Pancreas just sounds bizarre.
I liked Pancreas from the start, but then I've heard enough Beach Boys music to get the general idea. I think I am going to buy Smile, though. It got some excellent reviews.
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Post by SmileyGirl87 »

Orthography Enthusiast @ Oct 16 2006, 12:02 AM wrote: I liked Pancreas from the start, but then I've heard enough Beach Boys music to get the general idea. I think I am going to buy Smile, though. It got some excellent reviews.
Al's also inspired me to try "Smile"..I had actually heard it wasn't very good, but after hearing Pancreas, I think I might really like it. I heard enough Beach Boys in Pancreas to "get it"...especially Good Vibrations.. ^_^

Straight Outta Lynwood:

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Post by Danicrzy »

Well, I'm gonna do one right now; I like doing this!

Front cover: The best front cover yet. I think the cool cover alone is a factor in making more people buy this album. 10/10
liner notes: um.. What are those? edit: YES they are the best. I mentioned those above.
back cover: COOL LOL. The whole picture scheme throughout the booklet is obviously the best yet. The album pictures are all pimped out. I like the Lynwood jacket and stuff. There wasn't any Hawaiian shirts there and I still like the Hawaiian shirts.

Pre-track: "Youre Pitiful" - LOL funny. I first heard it on Al's MySpace. I've heard it so many times. It's clever, like most of Al's stuff.. but, I don't think it would've been one of his greatest hits if it became a single. 8/10

1. "White & Nerdy" - It's just all very current and relevant stuff, along with the song he is parodying. I listened to this over and over and over when I first heard it. I made sure my sister and all her friends heard it. It sure is good that James Blunt's record label denied permission, because now we have You're Pitiful AND this rap parody. This is just plain cool, and like.. yeah. I'm not a nerd really, I wish I was, but this really made a statement. Everyone likes it. 10/10

2. "Pancreas" - I liked this one A LOT. It's one of my favorites on the album. The instruments blended together like that sounded great. I just like the way this one is arranged. The lyrics are classic Al lyrics and I love them. 9/10

3. "Canadian Idiot" - I've heard American Idiot so many times, I even gave my one Green Day album away because I'm not much of a fan of theirs. I'm a little biased when Al comes out with new stuff so I was like "yeah, cool!" when I heard it. I don't know much about Canada, so.. I dunno. I don't have much of an opinion on this one. I made a video for it for YouTube so now I've played Canadian Idiot so many times I'm kind of tired of it, but I think it would be good in concert! 8/10

4. "I'll Sue Ya" - As I said a few years ago w/ another SN for the song 'Pretty Fly For a White Guy' - "nice song to Jam to!" I like it when Al does these loud rock songs. It's funny. I think it is awesome just the way he sings it. I NEVER know when he is doing a style parody of some band, but I find out, so..Rage Against The Machine I guess. My dad really likes this song for some reason..he's 60 years old. The Ben Afleck part wasn't that funny for me, kinda overrated. I like the tune, and I like the way Al sings it, especially the "I'll sue ya, boo ya" part. The joke or whatever of the song didn't really go anywhere, it's just about suing a bunch of people. 9/10

5. "Polkarama!" - Yay, polka! I love all the polkas. ALL of 'em! This was the first time I knew all of the songs that were on the polka, which made it funnier and even more awesome for me. "I'll take ya to the Candyshop doodle do do.." YES HHAHAH Don't Cha, and Let's get it Started, are the best parts. A mash up of all these hit songs that everyone loves these day and I don't care for that much, put to this lovely polka music = hilarious. 10/10

6. "Virus Alert" - It was pretty cool when I first heard it. The more I hear this song as it just pops up on a random playlist, the more I like it. Good musical abilities, again. I have no clue what it is style parodying, but whatever. There seems to be a lot of internet jokes on this album. I am addicted to the internet lol. The internet makes fun of itself a million times already though. I like singing along to this and I like his high voice. 7/10

7. "Confessions Part III" - I LOVE this song. Sorry, but I like the R&B tune. It's funny. It is just a great parody. I love it every time it comes on. I like when he does the over-dramatic type of humor, like in "Why Does This Always Happen To Me". That just does it for me. "Oh, and I wasn't really sick last week, I just didn't want to go to your stupid office picnic" "and by the way, when I told you that we were all out of RICE KRISPIES, what I meant was, there was only enough left..for me. sorry." LOLZ My little sister laughs at this one a lot. Really funny stuff. 10/10

8. "Do I Creep You Out" - UNDERRATED song in my book. I like it..okay I love it. I like the way Al sings this more than Taylor Hicks. But, now I like T.H... anyway... I guess I like the corny melody or whatever you call it, and I like the parody. Nothing wrong with it. I like the video. This is one of my favorite songs on the album! 10/10

9. "Weasel Stomping Day" - Overrated song, I think.[Actually, I don't think so anymore]. It was one of those short, instrument-packed ones that Al does. I would group this song with Harvey the Wonder Hamster and The Weird Al Theme Song. It's over pretty quickly. The video of the making of the vid is CUTE, and I like seeing how they made it. I don't like the gross parts of Robot Chicken video. I like the idea of "Weasel Stomping Day" because it's random.. and I like random, coming from nowhere absurdity. My favorite line is "spread that mayonaise on the lawn" hehehe. That's pretty much it. [edit- I've actually come to like this song a little more than when I first heard it.] 7/10

10. "Close But No Cigar" - Oh no, it's about picky guys. I like the song, the more that I listen to it. The same with Virus Alert. The parodies grab your attention the first time listening to the album, but these are good songs. Style parody? I know not what of. I like the instruments used in this one. Again, awesome musical arrangement and I admire the musical ability (I'm not a musician, but I say that anyway). Lyrics are weird. 6/10.

11. "Trapped In The Drive-Thru" - First time of hearing it is the best. GENIUS stuff. This is when the albums get to be the funniest. "Did I mention the drive-thru?" HAH! Nothing bad I can say about this one, it's a funny parody. You have to have heard the R. Kelly songs though. 10/10

12. "Don't Download This Song" - I heard it on his MySpace first, and so for some reason I never know what to think of it. I didn't get what it was style parodying first, until I heard about "1980s charity songs" and I thought oh yeah, I remember that from I Love the 80's episodes. I think it would be funny when people who normally download music to downlaod that song [edit- duh, Dani]. Here is the internet theme again that is present throughout this album. I agree with Nina that it's "too slow". Great lyrics. 8/10.

bonus material: I don't care for any of the animated music videos that came with the DualDisk. I know they took talent to make, but I like music, and live action videos. I LOVE the making of the video part, ofcourse. I like the toy piano. edit- Actually I really like the I'll Sue Ya video and Weasel Stomping Day

Overall: It's one of my favorite albums. It goes something like this: RWS, closely followed by SOL, closely followed by PH, closely followed by BHD, then Off the Deep End.
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Post by anthontherun »

Danicrzy @ Nov 25 2006, 03:24 AM wrote: liner notes: um.. What are those?
The booklet.
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Post by scottidog »

First Listen:

White & Nerdy - Classic Old School Al Goodness.
Pancreas - maybe my favorite song on the album. I hear Jan & Dean, and something else I can’t put my finger on.
Canadian Idiot - yeah... ok... not Al’s funniest song ever, but I hope hope hope this one makes it into the setlist, cuz our guys absolutely rock out! It will be super fun live.
I’ll Sue Ya - this may be the Phony Calls of SOL. I foresee a lot of skips on this one.
Polkarama! - Chicken Dance! Accordion! Possibly the happiest! bounciest!! polka!! yet!!!!
Virus Alert - It’s no Pentiums, but I like it. I think it will grow on me with repeated listenings.
Confessions Part III - This one made me laugh out loud in several places. It will grow on me. Plus: I’m hoping Al will get all Usher on the live version. :9~
Weasel Stomping Day - Sigh.
Close But No Cigar - Another twisted love song. What’s not to like?
Do I Creep You Out? - Nice vocals. Creepy lyrics. I love it.
Trapped In The Drive Thru - It’s not Twine Ball or Albuquerque, but I’ll take 10 minutes and 50 seconds of Al’s ramblings any day. There's some funny, funny, stuff in there.
Don’t Download This Song - I like this song, but it’s the one I’ve lived with the longest, so I’m not sure what my first impression was.

I’ll have more to say after I’ve tracked down the originals and see what Al did with the parodies.

Studio Footage - I love this! Thank you Al! I got to see a bit of The Notebook! Squeeee!! Poor Al, getting a headache just for us. One thing that surprised me on the first viewing is how unmusical it is making music in a studio. And I love the last scene of Nina looking at her daddy.

Thanks, Akrovak.

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