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If the same person leaked this "making of" and the W&N video, then SOMEBODY deserves to be job-hunting right about now.
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Post by Poptronixx »

algonacchick @ Dec 1 2006, 07:16 AM wrote:The link was posted in the comments section on Al's myspace. I'm gonna try again to watch it.

ETA: After taking the advice of Poptronixx *thank you!*, and downloading Flash player 9, I was able to watch. That was wonderful! This reminds me of something they would use for the MTV program called "Making the Video". Al and Donny having so much fun was definitely the highlight. So funny!

You are most welcome Algonacchick! I also agree that Al and Donny were the highlights of the 'behind the scenes' vid. I enjoyed it very much, and I can see too that they both were having a fun time on the set - great stuff! Oh boy! Can Donny move and groove to the beat! Lol!

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Could a planned DVD release be part of the reason why the W&N video was taken off of iTunes? I don't really see why they would take it off because it was being released on DVD, but I guess it could be an explanation.
Oh by the way, I've cracked the code.

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