"Al's Band" Song Discussion Thread

All about Steve Jay, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Rubén Valtierra, and Jim West.

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"Until you all learn a lesson"? Really?? That was between two people, thinking that "you all", which means everyone, needs to learn a lesson....is VERY ridiculous. It also sounds VERY condescending. I know you're a mod and all, but that's taking power too far.

Note: I am NOT disrespecting the MODS. As you can note in the locked topic, I took up for them. That comment just wasn't right.

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You're absolutley right. I was just extremely angry the way I and my fellow mods were being treated. :Y
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Hey, if it takes some abuse to make Dingo put on some damn pants, I think it's justified.
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Grom Posted on February 08, 2009 03:28 am
  Hey, if it takes some abuse to make Dingo put on some damn pants, I think it's justified. 


Wow, all this time and I never knew it was THAT KIND of forum! :blink:
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I have to be honest. I'd rather Al's band do a song that has nothing to do with their history. Do a serious song, from the ground up about whatever. Anything except their history, or something they want to do, etc.
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I surely don't mind the band-biographical songs. But this is a group of guys that's more than capable, individually, of writing and performing good non-comedy music. I'd like to see 'em try doing it together sometime.
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I just want to hear a song. Early Feb. only has 4 more days left in it. This is getting unreasonable. It's almost been two months, since it being released very soon.

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So I seem to have come across a minefield here in this thread, but finding out about Al's Band was what inspired me to return here to see what the buzz was on this side project(?).

That said, I think its a great song. It sounds like the band just wanted to get together and do something fun, and they did. Its catchy and I like it.
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Re: "Al's Band" Song Discussion Thread

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