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All about Steve Jay, Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, Rubén Valtierra, and Jim West.

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Al's Homeboy @ January 03, 2009 06:20 am wrote: That is great Ben! I have wanted to see them live for awhile now. From the looks of their live DVD, it looks like they put on a really good show.
ya they do good concerts, I have only been to there 2 show nights, so it is like a 70 minute set, I don't know what they do when they only do one show. they have everything for sale at there concerts too, it used to be 2 Cds for $15, but now its 2 for $20, u get to meet the band after every show,
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Just got an e-mail that their CDs are half-off again. So, anyone that wants it, could get the Bermuda CD for $6.49.

They're a great group...always been a fan, and love that they still mention Al. He's, after all, what inspired them to do parody.

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