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Jon Schwartz at Taco Surf & Kimo West's Shows June 29 & 30

Posted: Sun Jun 30, 2013 8:17 am
by Alinite27
Had the privilege today to attend two band member gigs.

After meeting Al at his book signing this morning, went back to the hotel for a couple hours. Then, went out for Jon's gig at a nearby Mexican restaurant. Jon plays drums for a band called Zero G, that do covers of popular songs. They had a gig at a Mexican restaurant called Taco Surf. I had a reservation for Kimo's show at 8, but Jon's gig started at 6, so I was able to swing both.

Utilized the valet service at the Taco Surf restaurant, and went in for Jon's gig. Mom and I both got a 3 Taco plate. While we were eating our dinners, Jon came up to our table. He said, "Well, you people look familiar." He went on to say that he was happy that we made it. Also, that it would be a little different gig than the norm with this band that he played with. Joked that there weren't any videos or costume changes. They had done a little soundcheck while we were eating, and I told him, that I'd already heard a longer drum solo than normal, and joked that those commitments were good. Then, said it was nice to see each other, and Jon told us to enjoy the show.

Was able to see around an hour of the set before having to leave to make the drive to Kimo's show to get there by 8. Some of what we saw consisted of Jumpin' Jack Flash -- Rolling Stones, Down on the Corner & Have You Ever Seen The Rain -- CCR, Brown Eyed Girl -- Van Morrison, Higher Ground -- Red Hot Chili Peppers, Second Hand News -- Fleetwood Mac, When I Come Around & American Idiot -- Green Day. I thought American Idiot was very apropos.

After American Idiot, we had to head off for Kimo's show. Wish that we would have had more time to get to see the complete set. Very fun environment, and a unique setting for great music. Band was really good, and that, couple with great food made for a really good time. Those of you in the LA area need to take advantage any time they are playing.

Kimo's show was, I believe, my favorite one I have seen. Although, I have enjoyed others, this show had amazing acoustics. A very nice environment to watch the show, and I had a perfect view from the back of the entire stage, and my first clear view of Kimo playing guitar. Made it easier to focus in on the fingerings, and just how complex his slack key music is.

This show had more of a rocking vibe than other appearances, as Kimo had many special guests with him. Jeff Linsky accompanied on guitar, as well as, Kapo Ku on guitar and vocals. Kapo was a really funny, very engaging guy. Diana also accompanied with her amazing vocals. She has such amazing talent, and is a complete sweetheart. I love when she sings with Kimo. Joe Bird accompanied on a drum, and there was also a really good teenager that was a hula dancer. All of these guests added to the intensity of the show, and made for a really fun time.

The guests accompanied on a few of Kimo's trademark songs, but they also did a few special songs, which showcased their various talents. Kimo was still able to do his trademark music, and then they did one encore song with everyone on stage. A very fun show, and definitely my favorite Kimo gig, even though others have featured Al and Jon with Buy Me A Condo.

Awesome day with getting to see most of the group in various roles. Also, enjoyed getting to converse with Jon and Kimo at their respective shows.

Re: Jon Schwartz at Taco Surf & Kimo West's Shows June 29 &

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 7:23 am
by Alinite27
Kimo's second show of the weekend was another great time. I have to say that I was not a fan of the coffee gallery that it was held in. The backstage room was very hot and stuffy. Also, I guess the guy that owns the place, flickered with lights on and off while making lights in the back of the stage flash. Very annoying. It was also the first place I have seen to tell Kimo that he only had 20 minutes left, and moved things around on the stage.

Anyway, the show was very fun. Kimo did most of his trademark songs, and had Tom Atwater on the violin, which blended very well with the music. Kimo told a story on how the violin was actually used, in the same essence, as a steel guitar. Also, Kapo Ku was there again tonight. That guy is always a blast. Tonight he did some hula, while leading the audience, and talking about what the movements meant. Also, talked about some interesting tidbits on the Hawaiian language. He said that he was a ukulele instructor, and Hawaiian language teacher. Very nice guy. He also played on the ukulele for a few tunes with Kimo. Diana, with her beautiful voice, sung on four tunes during the show, as well.

Instead of ending the show with All Jam Up, Kimo ended the set with Imagine, per Kapo's request. That is a beautiful song that Jim tells beautifully on guitar. Made it even sweeter with Tom on the violin. Solo spots were performed very well, and the whole set was a really fun time.

Tour starts back up tomorrow, but I do have to say how enjoyable these few days in LA have been, and how I have enjoyed getting to see the band in their own niches here in their hometowns.

Re: Jon Schwartz at Taco Surf & Kimo West's Shows June 29 &

Posted: Sun Aug 04, 2013 10:13 pm
by Yankomaniac
Sounds like a hell of a time!