Alpocalypse HD

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Alpocalypse HD

Post by Muppetboy09 »

As many of us have wanted, Al is releasing a Blu-ray with all 12 videos from Alpocalypse (including Perform This Way), plus White & Nerdy, Trapped in the Drive-Tru, and Do I Creep You Out! Who's going to be purchasing this?
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by AlejandraDD »

I am not sure what the improvement of quality from DVD to Blu-Ray quality would be for the animated videos. I'm guessing somewhere between minimal to null.

Though it does have W&N and PTW, none of which can be found in the DVD release.

As for me, I don't own a Blu-Ray player, but I know someone who does :P
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by TMBJon »

Definitely going to get this. I've been waiting a long time for White & Nerdy on Blu-Ray...
AlejandraDD wrote:I am not sure what the improvement of quality from DVD to Blu-Ray quality would be for the animated videos. I'm guessing somewhere between minimal to null.
Since most animation is done on a computer, the output in HD is going to be nearly lossless from its source. When you convert down to SD, it is going to lose over 50% of its quality just to get it to fit in such a small window. This is true for live action as well as animation, but is obviously more noticeable for live action videos. The animated videos on the Alpocalypse DVD look pretty good, but the Blu-Ray will be way more vibrant and true to their original form.
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by Wizzerkat »

No Blue-Ray player so no reason to buy this. I am not sure I would buy it even if I had one. I am fine with watching the vids online..
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by Scott »

Amazon pre-order link: ... 793&sr=8-2" onclick=";return false; (currently $13.49)
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by drewdy9999 »

AlejandraDD, watch any Pixar movie on DVD and Blu-ray and you can easily notice the difference.

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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by OneWAY »

Sounds like I'll be buying this one!

Looking forward to seeing if there are any other features that this may have. The regular Alpocalypse DVD was very lacking in bonus content beyond the videos. Maybe commentary for White & Nerdy and Perform This Way?
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by Killingsworth »

I'm glad to see this is actually happening, but there's a pretty slim chance I'll actually be buying this one as I don't have a Blu Ray player. Although, on the off chance that neither PTW or Polka Face (or any of the remaining videos for the SOL parodies) show up on the live concert DVD and I somehow wind up in possession of a Blu Ray player (buying one wouldn't be the smartest idea right now) then I might consider it.
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Re: Alpocalypse HD

Post by joseyklein »

I'm definitely getting this... two Weird Al Blu-Rays in two months??? Awesome!!
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Alpocalypse HD

Post by PolkaFace27 »

There will be a blu ray release of the hd videos from Alpocalypse and SOL we've been asking for. ... 862&sr=1-4" onclick=";return false;

1. Perform This Way
2. CNR
3. TMZ
4. Skipper Dan
5. Polka Face
6. Craigslist
7. Party In The CIA
8. Ringtone
9. Another Tattoo
10. If That Isn t Love
11. Whatever You Like
12. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me

Bonus Videos:
13. White & Nerdy
14. Trapped In The Drive-Thru
15. Do I Creep You Out
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