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Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:45 pm
by Bruce the Duck
It's probably a bit early for most of us to rank the songs. I know I'm not ready to do it yet, save for the bottom two songs. But I'm curious to see how others rank the album, especially considering I've seen posts both trashing and praising songs like "Craiglist", "Ringtone", and "Skipper Dan".

Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 10:52 pm
by giantlobsterrobot
12. Craigslist
(Anything above 12 on this album was very closely ranked! It's such a great album.)

11. Polka Face
10. Another Tattoo
9. CNR
8. Perform This Way
7. Ringtone
6. Whatever You Like
5. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
4. Skipper Dan
3. TMZ
2. Party in the CIA
1. If That Isn't Love

I think I'm happy with that ranking set-up.

Re: Alpocalypse Track Ranking

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:41 pm
by weirdojace
This is based on first impression listening and my opinions are bound to change...

1. If That Isn't Love
2. Skipper Dan
3. TMZ
4. Polka Face
5. Party in the CIA
6. Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me
7. Ringtone
8. Another Tattoo
9. Perform This Way
10. CNR
11. Whatever You Like
12. Craigslist

With Craigslist being the only one that I don't really care for.

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Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:54 pm
by Alinite27
One of the hardest things I've ever done is try to rank these songs, but here's what I have:

1. Skipper Dan
2. Polka Face
3. If That Isn't Love
4. TMZ
5. Party In The CIA
6. Perform This Way
7. Another Tattoo
8. Craigslist
9. CNR
10. Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
11. Ringtone
12. Whatever You Like

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:00 am
by Quab
Overall its a very strong album, and is one of the first time where (I believe) that the originals may outshine the parodies. An improvement from SOL (from which the music videos did very little for me..) and I think it will get even better when PTY video and the others are released.
1. If That Isn't Love-Up there with I'm So Sick of You and YDLMA this song is heavy on the jokes, and really hits the Hanson style well.
2. Stop Forwarding This Crap To Me- Well I admit I was disappointed (I had very high expectations) this song song is epic and fun. I'm not sure how well it fits the Meatloaf theme...(the only thing I know from him is "Hot Patootie"....
3.CNR-This is Al. This song is original, catchy, funny, and the video makes it that much better.
4. Polka face- I love it.
5. Skipper Dan-Not very funny, but a catchy song, and a good take on Weezer.
6. Perfrom this Way-Not the best song, but the best way he could have handled spoofing Lady Gaga.
7.TMZ- I enjoy the lyrics, but I felt it could have been crazier
8. Party in the CIA-I like this song, but I feel as if it is very light on jokes.
9. Another Tattoo-Creative Premise, but not the funniest one...
10.Craigslist-Nothing made me laugh at all, but probably his most spot on style parody.
11. Whatever you Like- Not as relevant as when it was wrote.
12. Ringtone-Completely absent of anything considered humorous.

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:26 am
by i_love_yankovic
Wow, not fans of "Whatever You Like", huh? :F I'm still making my way through these since he just posted the stream for International fans, but I can tell ranking these is going to be tough! :)

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:42 am
by WeirdAbbott
All selections due to change...but first reactions (of the songs I haven't heard yet).

1. Polka Face (I was wondering why during "Baby" he didn't sing the "oooh" part...but the trumpets picked it up, nice work!)
2. If That Isn't Love (Favorite original! There were lines that I actually laughed out loud at and musically was really good too)
3. TMZ (My favorite parody, behind PTW. I loved the "celebs can't even go on racist rants anymore" line)
4. Another Tattoo (A lot of really funny lines, much better than I thought it was gonna be. Also really like the almost F bomb at the very end)
5. Party in the CIA (I like the drastically different subject matter, but overall it wasn't incredibly funny)
6. Stop Forwarding that Crap to Me (I wasn't looking forward to this song, and after listening, I can say that it is my least favorite song on the album.)
And of the ones I have heard already...
1. Perform This Way
2. CNR
3. Ringtone
4. Skipper Dan
5. Craigslist (I still really like this song, but not as much as the other Internet Leaks originals)
6. Whatever You Like (I still really like this song too, but I think the original comedic factor I had for it has worn off)

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:56 am
by HappyGilmore
1.) CNR- My favorite song off Internet Leaks, I still love this song as much as the first time I heard it.
2.) Whatever You Like- I seem to be one of the few around who like this for some reason. I think it's pretty good.
3.) Polkaface!- In my top three polkas. Great song.
4.) TMZ- I wasn't overly familiar with the original, but now am. Doesn't matter though. This song is great.
5.) Another Tattoo- I think it's a decent song.
6.) Skipper Dan- Great song.
7.) Craigslist- Still makes me laugh. Don't know others opinions of it, but enjoyable.
8.) Perform This Way- I like this song. Has the potential to move up or down if I listen to the album more.
9.) If That Isn't Love- Also has the potential to move up.
10.) Stop Forwarding That Crap to Me- I'm not overly familiar with most MeatLoaf songs. Seemed like just a ballad to me as opposed to Meat.
11.) Party in The CIA- not bad overall. I just suck at ranking things.
12.) Ringtone- I hate this song.

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:23 am
by Bruce the Duck
Wow! As expected, the rankings are all over the place! Here are my rankings and impressions thus far.

1. "If That Isn't Love" - I love absolutely everything about this song. Could possibly be one of his best love songs.
2. "Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me" - Beautifully arranged, and I love that he took his time getting to the punchline.
3. "Craigslist" - I'm shocked that this isn't higher in the rankings. I think it's probably one of his strongest impersonations he's ever done. And the lyrics are hilarious!
4. "Another Tattoo" - Very strong parody. This has the potential to slip down though as the other parodies grow on me.
5. "Polka Face" - Great, solid medley, and much better than the concert version.
6. "Skipper Dan" - Musically, it might be the best on the album. It tells a great story, and I love how it builds to the punchline. But the second verse suffers because the punchline has already been done and the rest of the song doesn't really add much to the joke.
7. "TMZ" - As a fan of the original, this is great, and will likely climb higher on my list with time.
8. "Party in the CIA" - Ditto as with "TMZ"
9. "CNR" - This song rocks musically. Lyrically, it's just alright.
10. "Whatever You Like" - I don't understand the hate this song gets. Lyrically, it's brilliant. It's only lower on my list because it's so damn old and really should have been cut from the album.
11. "Perform This Way" - It had great potential, but I find this to be one of the weaker lead singles, especially following "White & Nerdy".
12. "Ringtone" - It's grown on me, but it's still my least favorite.

All this will change greatly over time, I'm sure.

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Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:29 am
by music89
TMZ (Favorite)
If That Isnt Love
Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
Polka Face
Skipper Dan
Party In The CIA
Perform This Way
Another Tattoo
Whatever You Like (Least Favorite)

the list is bound to change as i listen to it more.